In 2013 my husband and I decided to move our family from the only home we had ever known in Alaska to Florida

…in about 5 weeks time

…and we only brought one suitcase per person.

When we got to Florida life was SO easy and every day felt like a vacation.

I thought it was because we had gone from the cold and dark to living 10 minutes from the beach, but after I had my third baby in hindsight I realized there was more to it.

I remember my due date buddies and I all being in our postpartum phase loving our tiny newborns and then all of a sudden the conversations turned to feeling constantly overwhelmed, behind, burdened and stressed, anxious and depressed by never being able to keep up with their homes.

Mainly these three things

…laundry, dishes and toys.

I wasn’t struggling though. Even though I now had three kids to care for my postpartum experience was simple. I was able to spend the first couple months doing the bare minimum and just bonding with my baby and maintaining the relationships with my other kids and husband.

I wondered why I wasn’t struggling to keep up with my home and began to realize that we lived very differently than most and it all started when I spent that month in 2013 getting rid of all of our stuff to move to a new life.

I realized I had a solution for moms drowning in their stuff – and that wasn’t to learn to manage it all.

It was to get rid of it all.

And so began Motherhood Simplified – and what you are reading right now.

I am here to help moms like you ditcht their clutter and gain the time and energy for what really matters to them.



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Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home

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Motherhood Simplifed

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