Podcast episode 01
Decluttering Simplified
This episode is the perfect place for you to start decluttering your home, and simplifying your life!

The focus of this podcast is to give you easy to implement action steps and I always want to help you do it in the SIMPLEST way.

This episode helps you get to the root of what decluttering actually is, and then HOW to do it in 6 easy steps!

…. what decluttering is, in it’s purest form
….why you can’t organize your clutter and how to get out of the never ending organization cycle
….how to stop tricking yourself into giving your clutter MORE value than it really has
….getting clear on the idea that your clutter actually makes your life harder, and just in case is a lie

…6 action steps to actually START decluttering NOW


The Purgeathon – my free decluttering challenge designed to build massive momentum in decluttering your home
Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home my best mini course designed to specifically help you dramatically declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas of your home
This live video I recorded with our Facebook community “How unimportant your clutter really is”

This tiny but mighty mini course Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home is a step by step guide walking you through how to declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas for moms like you.

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