Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Heather

Clutter Chronicles – Coming Clean with Heather

What this episode is about

Heather’s story is so inspiring. She is a regular mom who discovered decluttering while pregnant. As most of us do, we think that starting “later” is better than now because as moms – circumstances are never ideal! So she waited until after having her second child and life threw lemons at her hard.

She didn’t let that stop her and in fact it was the catalyst to her choosing to take action on her home once and for all. The benefits she has experienced in the two short months are night and day and as she prepares to head back to work she can with ease because her home is now a place of peace and rest for her family, not just another to do list for her to complete.

… how she thought she needed to get organized, and then learned… she really needed to declutter first!

… how her mindset has shifted from one who takes anything offered for free, to one of intentionally saying yes please and no thank you

… how she has shifted her perspective of the money she has spent and the value her clutter has to her NOW

… her experience with anxiety postpartum and how she thinks her clutter is related to that

… and so much more about the benefits she has experienced since choosing to declutter


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