Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Shamra

Clutter Chronicles – Coming Clean with Shamra

What this episode is about

Shamra joined Motherhood Simplified back when her conditions were less than ideal and what she describes as her lowest point in her motherhood. She didn’t know what exactly she was looking for, and she didn’t know how she was going to do it – with a newborn with some health issues, and a toddler but she took forward steps as much as possible whenever she could.

She is cute as a button, true to herself and works diligently every day to make her home, and life move closer and closer to what she wants it to be every single day.
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….How Shamra got started with a 3 month old with sever reflux, a toddler, and what she describes as feelings of depression, isolation and at her lowest point just prayed for a solution

…How she has shifted her mindset in powerful ways to help her declutter, learning that she really can’t organize her clutter


… How she used to identify as an introvert and let herself become disconnected and isolated because her home was SO overwhelming and now that she has cleared out time and energy for the things that matter to her, has learned that she is actually extroverted and is loving the time and energy to give herself what she needs for social interactions


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