Decluttering for a peaceful home

Decluttering for a peaceful home

What this episode is about

Did you know that one of the side effects of a cluttered home for siblings is increased fighting? Biting, pushing, hitting, yelling all increase within the confines of a cluttered and chaotic environment. The opposite is also true in that you can find relief from these symptoms by decluttering and creating order, predictability and room to breathe within the home.

This is NOT a parenting episode teaching you how to change or manage behavior in your kids. It is just my personal experience through teaching in many classrooms all over the country and within my own home and the anecdotal evidence I have collected that proves our environments can literally make or break us.

…how impactful the environment really is on us, AND on your kids

…real life examples of dramatic changes in behavior I have seen in kids when we decluttered the classrooms

… how it gives you time, energy and space to see what’s really going on with your kids


… how your chaos becomes your kids’ chaos, and on the other end of it, your calm can become their calm


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