Decluttering is not wasteful - here is what is

Decluttering is not wasteful – here is what is

What this episode is about

We want to declutter and we have so many reasons WHY, and we have so many reasons we don’t – one being that decluttering and letting things go can feel SO wasteful.
We see the potential in everything. We see something that someone, somewhere could use at some point.
We see piles and piles of stuff that will contribute to landfills and that makes us feel so bad.

But this is the hard truth – most of your clutter that you don’t want – no one else wants. The waste is NOT in decluttering, or throwing things away. It’s falling into the consumerism and overconsumption trap in the first place.
This is episode confronts this issue head on and teachers how to become a part of the long term solution, and not letting yourself continue to be a part of the problem.

… overconsumption and the fact that it is the reason for waste

…the REAL story behind where most of our clutter went when we let it all go

…clutter pile shifting on a global scale

… and the truth that you clutter really isn’t that special, useful or needed by anyone


… Plus the one powerful lesson you can learn to actually make a change and be a part of the waste solution


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