Podcast episode 03
How to declutter your crafts so you can be crafty
In this episode I help you tackle your crafts! As a former teacher mom, I get it. Crafts are a big deal. They are how we create and express ourselves, but this is the truth.. too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

There is nothing inspiring about a room full of unfinished projects staring at you reminding you constantly in the back of your mind that you have yet ANOTHER thing to do. 

When you declutter the crafts you can actually BE crafty and create all the things you’re little heart desires. 

…moving past the Pinterest perfect craft room

…letting go of the perfect ideal craft mom role

…action steps to help you downsize the amount of crafts you have and how you can start to DO the crafts you have TODAY


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This live video I recorded with our Facebook community on what your clutter is REALLY costing you by keeping it around

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