Podcast episode 06
What it’s like to declutter your home

In this episode we talk all about what it really feels like when you declutter your home! I tell you the story of how we did it as a family and the ups and downs of the entire process.

I also include the story of decluttering the preschool that I owned at the time as well, and if you know or are a teacher, you know we are excellent hoarders of all the things and see the potential in everything.

What it's like to declutter your home

by Motherhood Simplified


…how I decluttered my home and the circumstances surrounding my experience, and how NOT ideal it was. It never is by the way

…the wide range of emotions I went through during the process

…how I handled doing this heavy lifting work while having no help with my 3 kids at the time

…what we got rid of and what we kept

…action steps to do it for yourself! 


The Purgeathon – my free decluttering challenge designed to build massive momentum in decluttering your home
Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home my best mini course designed to specifically help you dramatically declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas of your home
This live video I recorded with our Facebook community “The problem with donating toys”

This tiny but mighty mini course Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home is a step by step guide walking you through how to declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas for moms like you.

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