Podcast episode 10
Simple Self Care For Moms With Melissa Killeleagh
In this episode Melissa and I have a conversation about how to redefine self care in your mom life. We all know and hear about how we shoud “do self care”, especially as moms but we don’t know HOW!
With kids, work, a house to maintain, bills, grocery shopping, babies, toddlers, spouses… self care is the LAST thing on our list of urgent things to do. Melissa is the self care queen and has mastered weaving it into her days as a successful business owner and single mom. This episode will inspire you and give you easy to take action steps toward making self care an integral and natural part of your mom life.

Simple Self Care With Melissa Killeleagh

by Motherhood Simplified

…redefining what self care is as a mom to set you up for success, not disappointment in your self care practice

…the difference between treating yourself and true self care

…how to make self care a priority and ways you can start implementing it today


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Motherhood Simplified the course I designed to help you balance and take ownership of all the moving parts of your motherhood
This live video I recorded with our Facebook community “How unimportant your clutter really is”

Get clarity in your role as a mom and learn a step by step strategy to embrace all the moving parts of your mom life.

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