Podcast episode 19
The problem with donating toys

In this episode we talk about why we tell our kids we are going to donate their toys to kids who don’t have any, or who don’t have a lot and the twisted up message that unintentionally sends.

I am not saying to NOT be generous, or giving or teaching to help improve and give value to other people’s lives but to be mindful about practicing what we preach and making sure that what we say and teach, aligns with what we are actually doing.

The problem with donating toys

by Motherhood Simplified


… the accidental message we send that kids without toys can’t be happy

…the accidental message that good parents can give their kids a lot of toys

…things make us happy

…why I told my kids we were giving toys to kids who didn’t have any and the TRUTH behind it – hint, it was not a lesson in generosity

…some ideas on how to teach about where the toys are going and why, and some best practices for donating


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