Podcast episode 21
Your clutter needs to shut up
In this episode we talk about how LOUD your clutter is and how it makes you internalize negative qualities and labels about yourself that just aren’t true. 

The truth is that your clutter is stealing your time, energy, joy and life. And it doesn’t care. You are the one suffering because of it!

I hope that this episode shines a light on the truth behind your clutter and what it causes you to internalize about yourself and your life. I hope it ruffles your feathers a bit and maybe even gets you mad so that you can take action against your clutter and let it go finally. 

… how and why you are internalizing negative qualities about yourself and your abilities as a mom, wife and woman

…the fact that despite where you are now, you’ve never made a bad decision

…how to take ownership of the RIGHT things, and releasing the sh*t that doesn’t matter

…how to start feeding the positive stories about yourself and let go of the clutter that is causing you to not be able to do so easily


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