Podcast episode 25
Clutter Chronicles – coming clean with Kaitlyn Rook
This series of the podcast is highlighting the stories of REAL moms like you who have joined the Motherhood Simplified community and decluttered their homes.

Their stories are all so unique – but so relatable and the reminder you need that you are NOT the only one who is trying to do this or the only one who feels like they have roadblock after roadblock and excuse piled on top of excuse.

These moms deserve to be recognized not only for the hard work they have put in and the transformations they have experienced but also their desire and commitment to sharing their story to help moms like YOU do it, too. 

Clutter Chronicles - coming clean with Kaitlyn Rook

by Motherhood Simplified

… how Kaitlyn’s life is different now compared to before she decluttered – spoiler alert in this episode she’s coming off of a weekend with family at her house, just sitting and playing with them AND her house wasn’t destroyed

… how she found the time and energy to declutter – even with four kids, and a child with a cancer diagnosis during her newborn postpartum phase of life. 

… her husband’s expectation of her as a stay at home mom and how she embraces her role and how decluttering has helped her feel more confident in it


Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home – this is the course that Kaitlyn purchased immediately and decluttered the toys in her home by about 60% right off the bat. 

Kaitlyn is in all the Motherhood Simplified courses – but this is the one that kick started it all for her and gave her the direction and support she needed to declutter. 

This tiny but mighty mini course Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home is a step by step guide walking you through how to declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas for moms like you.

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