Podcast episode 26
Clutter Chronicles – Coming Clean with Aimee Powell

 This series of the podcast is highlighting the stories of REAL moms like you who have joined the Motherhood Simplified community and decluttered their homes.

Their stories are all so unique – but so relatable and the reminder you need that you are NOT the only one who is trying to do this or the only one who feels like they have roadblock after roadblock and excuse piled on top of excuse.

These moms deserve to be recognized not only for the hard work they have put in and the transformations they have experienced but also their desire and commitment to sharing their story to help moms like YOU do it, too.

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Aimee Powell

by Motherhood Simplified


… Aimee shares how she approached her clutter in a different way than most, she started with the internal decluttering FIRST, and getting really clear on how she wanted her life and home to be and then shifting the stuff around her to match that

… how she has found the confidence to live in a way that not everyone understands and let go of the expectations that society and others in her life put on her

… how she managed to do all of this after having a new baby, extended family living in her home and integrating back into working mom life as a nurse


Motherhood Simplified – this is the course that Aimee says helped her the most in creating a strong and powerful vision for her motherhood and what she really wanted for her life. She shares HOW the course helped her simplify her mindset, let go of expectations of her and really define her role as a mom, wife and woman. 

This is the course designed to help you take ownership of your entire mom life and create an intentional motherhood season that leaves you feeling satisfied and content instead of frantic and overwhelmed and like you are missing out on the best parts of raising your kids.

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