Podcast episode 73

Purgeathon – let’s declutter TOGETHER day 1

This is the live recording from inside of the Motherhood Simplified Facebook group recapping day ONE of the live Purgeathon challenge. This challenge gives you THREE decluttering projects to choose from, three days in a row.
The projects are intentionally designed to help you break down your decluttering into bite sized pieces, that give you quick wins and massive momentum and are areas of your home that WILL make your home easier to be in and live. Which is the whole entire point of decluttering to begin with!

Purgeathon - let's declutter TOGETHER day 1

by Motherhood Simplified


… your laundry room – because no one likes to do laundry in a catch all, cluttered up, room! 

… your junk drawers, which might as well just be called your clutter hiding drawer

… your home decor, trinkets, and knick knacks that just aren’t sparking the joy any more (or maybe never did)


The Purgeathon – my free decluttering challenge designed to build massive momentum in decluttering your home
Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home my best mini course designed to specifically help you dramatically declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas of your home
This live video I recorded with our Facebook community “How unimportant your clutter really is”

This tiny but mighty mini course Seven Days To An Uncluttered Home is a step by step guide walking you through how to declutter the most commonly overwhelming areas for moms like you.

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