Podcast episode 78
Simplified books – a kid’s perspective

Are you a book hoarder? Aren’t all moms? More books means smarter kids and better readers, right?

Today I share with you why I actually DON’T believe that any more based on the experience of less books in my home and in my classrooms when I was a teacher.  

And just for added measure I let me ten year old – who reads more than anyone I know – so much that I had to implement a no phones at the table rule for everyone, and a no books at the dinner table rule because she was missing all the conversation! She shares her favorites, her classics and is a living example of how too much of a good thing, even books, is never a good thing. 

Simplified books - a kid's perspective

by Motherhood Simplified


… what happened when I ditched our 6X6 foot closet of book storage

… why I think that less options is better for books

… how to give great book experiences for kids of all ages and include variety


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