As moms (and people in 2018) we have to wear clothes every day.

We have to go through the process every day of picking something out, putting it on and then wearing it for the rest of the day. As moms I have learned that our wardrobes are our biggest opportunities for self love and self care, but it can also be the opposite. It often becomes something that we DREAD, and plays negatively on our self image.
We hold onto clothes that we wore YEARS ago pre-baby body, or pre-three-babies body in hopes that one day they still fit.
We hold onto maternity clothes because maybe one day we will get pregnant again. Or.. because we are still holding onto the bulk of our wardrobe that no longer fits and maternity is what still fits.
One of the reasons we don’t purge our clothing is for the hope that it may fit again, but a close second we hold onto closets full of clothes we don’t wear is that we feel like if we get rid of it, we won’t have anything to wear.
Here is the thing though mama, you can have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Or you can declutter your wardrobe and have a closet full of clothes that is significantly LESS but that you actually wear. I promise you WILL have clothes to wear. You might only have 20% of what you had before but guess what? It’s the 20% that you can actually wear so now your closet is 100% wearable. That other 80% has been sitting there for YEARS probably.
You don’t, and probably shouldn’t even go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. The reason for that is that you probably don’t even know what your style is any more!
You are so used to just walking into a packed closet of things you don’t wear or like that you would probably go out and be like I used to do – buy one of everything, multiple different styles, a rainbow of colors, spend a lot of money and still end up with a wardrobe that doesn’t really work for you.
If you declutter FIRST and take some time to just use what you have for a little bit you start to recognize the kind of clothing and colors you like in the first place. Then as time and budget allows you can add in pieces that you LOVE to wear, that fit you where you are at now, and that match your style.
There is nothing worse than walking into a closet full of clothes that no longer fit and make you feel badly about yourself.
Every mom deserves to truly love the clothes that she has, and even if that means you cycle through the same small handful of things until you are able to restock your wardrobe and find what you love – so be it!
The other day I actually practiced what I preach to moms about making their wardrobes an opportunity for self love. I gave myself a small budget and purchased two new pair of jeans that fit me where I am now, and about 8 tops that are my style and in the colors that I like. I am also currently breastfeeding so they work for the lifestyle I am living right now as well.
It’s been a hot minute since I have bought clothes for myself and I wanted to make sure that I did it right. I didn’t want to go out and buy things that would just end up at the back of my closet to die again. I wanted things that fit me well so I went to the mall to physically try them on. Online shopping is great for many things, but when it comes to clothes do yourself the favor and act of self care and love and go try them before you buy them!!
I started with the jeans because I knew they would be hardest to find a good fit and style I like (bootcut without an bedazzled pockets btw). Then I found tops in a style that I LOVE. I didn’t try to get fancy, or buy things out of my comfort zone, or for a special date night. I bought things that I knew I could wear every day and look put together. I got tops that can work for nursing my baby, but that will also work once this season is over for us. Then I picked colors I love. I didn’t try to get a bunch of different colors for the sake of variety. I got colors I feel good in, and colors that all go together. I went with black, white, some shades of gray/blue and a berry colored shirt. These are the colors I love to wear and look good with my complexion.

I kept it SO simple and easy, and my budget was pretty small for the amount of things I got. So here is where it really gets GREAT though.
I now walk into my closet in the mornings excited to get dressed. I feel good, and even cute in the super basic clothes that I got. Full disclosure I now own TWO pair of jeans after decluttering what no longer fit after my post partum experience. It’s enough because they are high quality, great fitting jeans. I do have leggings I use for around the house, but the two I have are enough for now. As time and budget allows I will probably get one, maybe two more.
I counted to number of tops I have now too – I have 12. TWELVE every day tops. I have some tank tops to go under it for nursing and those shirts that are more sheer. I have nice enough tops to dress up, and causal enough for mom life. I don’t feel boring, or deprived. And I actually feel like I have MORE clothes than I did before in my closet full of nothing to wear.
This is how moms can and in my opinion should feel about their clothing. You should have clothes that fit you where you are now. Closets full of clothes that used to fit leave you stuck living in the past, and make you feel badly about where you are NOW.
You should have clothes that are appropriate for whatever season of life and motherhood you are in now.
And finally they should just be something that makes you feel like YOU. In the colors and styles you love to wear.
It doesn’t have to be expensive, or a complete overhaul. You just need to get brave and purge. Trust that you will always have enough. Embrace where you are NOW. Get creative with your budget and prioritize a few solid staple items for yourself. Let your wardrobe fuel your mom soul – you have to wear clothes every day, you might as well be super efficient by getting dressed AND loving yourself and how you feel while you do that.

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