There are so many reasons people hold onto clutter and things that no longer serve their home or life. Sometimes it is a “practical” reason, like this is a perfectly good item that can be used for something. Maybe it is a just in case item. Maybe it is something you spent a lot of money on and don’t want to just toss for fear of being wasteful.
Or – maybe it was given to you as a gift, and you are holding onto it out of obligation or guilt, or because of the sentimental feeling you have because someone went out of their way to come up with a thoughtful gift, buy it or make it, and then give it you.
I have totally had these things in my home, and I totally understand where you are coming from. But before we get into how to declutter these things, I want to talk about YOUR intentional home and how you create a space that is YOUR personal haven for living in every day of your life. Literally.
Your home is where you spend most of your time – even if you work full time, are running around to school drop off, running errands, attending sports and extra curriculars. Your home is your hub. It is the place that sets the tone for every other area of your life.
It has the potential to be a place of decompression, relaxation, and retreat. But it can also be just another source of frustration, overwhelm, burden and WORK.
The amount of work in your home, and energy you spend on it is directly related to the things inside of it. Everything from dishes, clothing, toys, trinkets, gadgets, towels, toys.. literally everything. When you have MORE things, you directly have MORE upkeep and work.
And this is where I tell you that you are the gatekeeper of your home, and you have every right to choose what stays, and what goes – and that you CAN do it with grace and ease, and positivity.

Even if it is a thing that was thoughtfully and generously given to you as a gift.

When decluttering the items you are holding onto out of guilt or obligation is to first recognize that things are generally not meant to be kept forever.

Things are transient, they have purposes, and once those purposes are lived out it is absolutely okay to pass it onto the next arena.
The things we have hold energy. That energy can be good or bad. So when I say you are the gatekeeper of your home I am encouraging you to tap into your intuition, your gut feelings, or whatever you want to call it and listen to WHY you are holding onto something. When you are holding to things for negative reasons like guilt – those feelings stay in your home. When you start to only keep things that make you happy, positive, loving – your home starts to reflect that as well.
You know how when you walk into a spa and the space just FEELS relaxing, and calm, and easy to be in. This CAN be your home if you start exercising this intuition and taking note of the items in your home that are contributing positively, and negatively.
Once you start recognizing these items you will wonder what to do with them. And this may sound a little weird to you at first, but just hear me out and trust me!
Common gifts that moms hold onto are things like toys, kitchen gadgets, maybe even home décor. When you come across those things that just aren’t doing it for you any more recognize that, take a second to reflect on the positive feeling you had by getting that gift and then let it go to someone who WANTS it on a high note!

It might look something like this..
“I received this gorgeous blanket at my baby shower. It really meant a lot to me at the time to receive such a beautiful gift, but I have no purpose for it any more and it’s just been sitting in a crumpled pile on the floor. I am so excited to give this to someone else who can really use it like it’s meant to be used!”
Or maybe it is something less practical, and specific to you. Like recently a friend posted in my facebook group that she had been holding onto a giant roll of stickers from her baby shower that had her theme, and her son’s name on it. Not something she can just give away to anyone.
I recommended her keeping one or two for keepsake, keeping enough to have on hand to reflect on those positive memories, and throwing away the rest. Yes, it felt wasteful to her, but really that waste isn’t in getting rid of it. The waste was in purchasing an entire roll to begin with.
Mindful departure with these kinds of items makes it so much easier, and even pleasurable! You are getting rid of your clutter, but you are also honoring the positive associations with that thing, and releasing it in a positive light.
You no longer will have those negative items, with negative feelings/energy attached in your home.
You are releasing them to live out their purpose somewhere else, or simply letting it go and ending it’s purpose.
And then you are left with a space that is lighter, freer, and more open to receive and hold all those positive things you actually WANT in your home.
What kinds of things have you held onto out of guilt or obligation? What things are you ready to let go of and how are you going to do it?

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