How to get yourself unstuck

How to get yourself unstuck

What this episode is about

As moms we all get into ruts sometimes and it is not fun. We feel like that Katy Perry song – the one about the plastic bag drifting through the wind. No routines, no direction, feeling totally alone and isolated, stuck in our thoughts and down on ourselves.

The thing is that we are not meant to stay that way. We aren’t meant to live a life of misery and burden but there isn’t anyone who will just magically swoop in and do it for us. We have to learn how to get ourselves out of it. That is what this episode is all about today!

… 4 skills to learn that will help you get yourself unstuck any time it happens – because it will, and it will keep happening, that’s life!

… Getting a routine that HELPS you do the hard parts of your life so you can focus on the things you want and need to do

… mastering your thoughts because they become your beliefs and actions


… how to know who you are and where you are going


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