How to declutter your social media as a busy mom

How To Sell The Clutter In Your home

When you begin decluttering your home the first thing that many people want to do is sell their stuff. So they post it up on marketplace – many things sell quickly, and there are universal items that sell well second hand.

Then it begins. You post something up for your bottom line price and the offers start rolling in for HALF that price. Then they want you to deliver. Then they reschedule the meet up three or four times before telling you the price is too high. Or they want to come spend an hour inspecting the item before buying on your weeknight evening after work.
Then of course the majority of what you post NEVER even gets interest. The thing about clutter is that no one really wants to buy it.
So this is where the trouble with trying to sell all of your clutter comes in. You eventually get to a place where the things that are going to sell easily are sold – and you are still left with TONS of things you WANT to sell.. but never do.
So your forward movement is stalled. Then it is stopped. Then it starts to come undone because your family keeps walking past those piles of things you want gone but haven’t sold yet. So they bring it back into the house and actually undo the work that you have done.
Even if it doesn’t come back into the house though, that lack of momentum and massively slowing down doesn’t have to happen.
So how can you actually sell your things in a way that keeps progress moving forward? How do you know what to sell and what to just donate or give away?

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The first step is to recognize where you are in your decluttering process.
If you are just starting out you likely have the time and space to let things sit on marketplace without being annoyed by it not getting interest yet and can focus on purging other areas of your home while you wait.
If you are still at the beginning of this process still you likely still have many of the items that are higher ticket priced and that sell easily on marketplace or apps like LetGo or OfferUp.
If you are further into your process where you have done a surface purge or two and are slowing down on those fast and easy decisions of what to keep and what to let go then it may be better for you to just cut your losses and let the things that haven’t sold while you focus on other areas go. It is worth it to take the short term loss of money in order to gain and keep momentum going in order to reach your goal of a truly simplified home and life.
The thing about putting things up for sale is that you have already made peace with NOT having that thing in your life. You were just hoping to reclaim some of the money you spent.
It is really important to have the mindset that some back is better than none when it comes to selling your items. Most things just don’t have great resale value, and honestly if its clutter to you, it’s likely clutter to someone else and the value on most clutter just isn’t very high.
So some quick selling tips for you
1. Sell big ticket and easy to sell items for a GREAT deal. Yes, I know you spent a lot of money buying it brand new – but when people buy used they are looking for a great deal. Like 50% off or a price that a store cant beat with a flash sale. Make it priced to sell, get SOME money back for it, and be okay with that and know that it is getting you that much closer to your goal of a clutter free home.
2. Host a garage sale. Garage sales are great. You can sell those things you have up on market place MUCH quicker because people are already there with money in hand. Make it priced to sell. Make it easy to hand over cash and take it away. The thing about garage sales is that you’re really just getting some extra pocket money in exchange for people doing the heavy lifting of taking your things away FOR you. Once the garage sale is over though… take all that stuff away to a donation center. Or have it scheduled to be picked up. Whatever you do – have a plan to get it GONE! Do NOT let it creep its way back into your home.
3. Set a time limit for the things you post up that don’t sell. I recommend a week. By a week your item is no longer at the top of the list. It’s been seen by many and if no one is interested – cut your losses and let it go. Bump it up to the top of the feed as much as you’d like – but learn when to know when enough is enough and accept that some things you may not recover your money on.
4. Accept that MANY things you purchase out of necessity like clothes, dishes, towels, some toys, etc. just will not sell for anywhere near the price you originally paid. They just don’t. So while you may have needed those, and purchased them with a specific purpose, that is just the nature of many of the things we buy and keep.

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The final step of selling is just getting rid of it.

Yes, it can be hard to watch the things you purchased go away and see dollar signs. But know that you made every effort possible to recover some money from your previous purchases. Accept that your gift in the form of a donation will come back to you. Someone will be blessed by what you give away.
Finally take this as an opportunity to really be intentional about your future purchases. When you go to buy something – will it end up in the back of your car on its way to a donation center? Or is it something you intend to keep and use for a very long time? The waste is never in donating, the waste is in mindlessly spending money on things that are not going to serve you, that you don’t need and that you get tricked into buying because it’s on sale, or trendy, or because you have shiny object syndrome or impulsive spending habits.
How are you planning to sell your things in order to get a clutter free home? And how do you plan to be intentional in future purchases so that you aren’t ending up with a home full of unsellable clutter??