Listen if you dare - your excuses are invalid

Listen if you dare – your excuses are invalid

What this episode is about

Time, energy, kids, overwhelm…. after HUNDREDS of responses from moms like you, what I found was everyone has the same excuses.

Which is good news because that means that there are solutions that work for everyone. Today I help you move past this mindset that your excuses own you – because YOU own your excuses and you can(and SHOULD) move past them.

…. the most common excuses we ALL have and how to move past them, because the only other option we have is to stay stuck!

… Time

… Energy

… Kids – the interruptions, the pile destroyers, the messes, the SNACKS omg the snacks

… overwhelme and knowing where to start

… money


…AND knowing the difference between an honest and real season of slowing/stopping the process and sabotage


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