Minimalism and motherhood - it's more than just decluttering

Minimalism And Motherhood – It’s More Than Decluttering

Minimalism and motherhood are the perfect combination. I say this all the time, but sometimes things happen in my life that make me SO grateful for simplicity in my day to day life so that I can easily be present when the rest of Mom Life happens.

Example – my son broke his nose on the track at school the other day. I got the call and rushed to get him obviously. I came home and was able to love on him, snuggle him and have an impromptu netflix and chill day (which is really YouTube with Pat & Jen and chill for him).

I wasn’t worried about the mess in our house, or annoyed that I had this major interruption in my life that was just going to add to the busy-ness of our every day life.

It seems silly, but in that moment I was reminded again how happy I am to NOT be overwhelmed, overburdened and stretching myself to the limits with the mundane parts of life like laundry, dishes, toys, and clutter.

I talk about decluttering a lot, and having a clutter free home, because I really believe (and have read from the pros, studies, watched friends experience it, and experienced it myself) that minimalism really STARTS with your things. But that’s not where it ends. Once you start adopting a minimalist mindset and being intentional with your material possessions, it doesn’t stop there.

Minimalism is about giving yourself the gift of purpose, presence, and intention. Which as moms, is at the core of everything that we are and do. 

Once you start decluttering your home and space, you start asking yourself if the activites you participate in, the thoughts you have, the friends you keep, are in alignment with what is most important to you as well.

It’s a fact that everything in your physical space is demanding your attention in some way – whether it be time, frustration, energy, or just general distraction. So when you DO begin to declutter your home you start freeing yourself up to give your attention to the things you WANT to, instead of letting your environment control your where your attention goes.

Just an example – when you lay down at night are you able to close your eyes and feel confident and ready for the next day? Or are you running through the list of things you need to get done that you didn’t get to today and feel TOTALLY overwhelmed by it?

Or do your kids ask you to play on the floor with them, and you keep telling them “In a minute ” or “after I finish _____” and then just get too overwhelmed and start to scroll facebook instead?

Or do you nag and nag your family to help you out? Or complaing that no one cleans but you?

Do you feel stress from the mess??

Do you feel like your life is a series of food and snack prep, clean up and then throwing a hail mary and counting down until bed time?

Minimalism can make this easy for you! It can give you the space, time, energy and freedom to BE the mom that you want to be, and while your things aren’y everything to do with it – it IS where it starts and it is how you begin to have the simplified, joyful version of motherhood that you want.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you and your Mom Life get started with the weekend decluttering challenge with us that you can find below! It’s totally free and you get access to our community of moms who are on the same journey toward a simplified motherhood!

See you there!

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  1. Busy trying to declutter now but finding it completely overwhelming. Don’t know where to start and when I do am all over the place. Find it difficult to focus as I don’t know what to do with the stuff that’s cluttering up my life and my space! Work every morning, have very busy teenage twins that keep me going all afternoon by evening I’m exhausted and no energy to do much except what I need to do. Look forward to receiving your emails although I’ve read 4 books on decluttering And watched so many You Tube videos on the subject still feel stuck!,,

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