Hey mama, I know you’ve been on a mission to simplify your life so that you can enjoy your days WITH your children. Congrats on that!

Figuring out how to navigate mom life is not something we were ever taught in school, and likely not truly prepared for growing up. Yet here we are, responsible for not only keeping them alive – but somehow supposed to actually feel like we are THRIVING as well. 

You want to know HOW to actually BE a mom. Not just feed, water and put them to sleep. You want to know how to truly care for them, but also – really need to figure out how to care for you as a mother, wife, woman and friend, too. 

You wonder how these moms on Pinterest and Instagram do it. Hint – they don’t. But that doesn’t mean you should roll over and accept defeat to the food in your hair, the fact that you haven’t been alone with your thoughts in who knows how long, and that even if you DID have time to be alone you have no clue what you would even do. 

You don’t want to be a Pinterest perfect mom – that’s way too much work, but you are also tired of joking about being a hot mess all the time. 

Enter Motherhood Simplified

The course that teaches you how to simplify every area of your mom life, and all the things you need to know in order to mom so hard, but never learned in school.


… being taught how to declutter your thoughts, simplify your mindset and determine what role you actually want to be playing as a mom. 

… understanding finally, WHY, you have been so overwhelmed, pulled in a million directions and just not enjoying mom life like you feel you should

… moving past those feelings I just mentioned and stepping into sustainable, realistic changes that help you have a season of motherhood you can love and look back on fondly

… learning how to make this a sustainable lifestyle change and stop thinking your life is either perfect, or a sh*t show, nothing in between. Get off the rollercoaster and just relax into a good mom life.

Go from

…Feeling like you can’t possibly and won’t ever get a grip on your days
…Feeling like everyone else has it all figure out, and wondering what’s wrong with you and why you don’t
…Not even recognizing yourself any more and feeling like you are nothing outside of a mother, and maybe even a glorified room mater and house keeper most days
…Being SO. FREAKING. STUCK. You just feel like this tornado feeling is your life

… Being able to identify the bigger reason WHY you are feeling all of those things and HOW to solve those problems
…moving forward in your mom life with confidence and ease in knowing you are MORE than a snack maker, house cleaner, and … mom
…being happy and fulfilled most of the time, even when things suck and you’re in a super hard season of life
… being able to look at your life with a critical eye and feel totally prepared to problem solve anything that comes your way instead of staying stuck

All of this can be for you…

get clarity in the steps you take, and have me walking you through the entire process start to finish. It will be like we’re doing it together.. and guess what? I HAVE done this, so trust me when I say I can help you do this. 

Now I want to tell you exactly HOW I teach you this, and everything you get. 

Mom Manifesto

I start by having you create your mom manifesto. This is everything you want to be, do and have for your motherhood and the childhood experience you are creating for your children. We do this at the beginning and end of the course so that you can see the transformation and progress you have made. 

Simplified Mindset

Then we work on simplifying your mindset. Your thoughts are powerful and in order to do any of the other work inside the course you need to be able to master your mindset. This chapter of the course has four sections with action steps for you to implement. 

…how to declutter your thoughts

…define, or re-define your role as a mom

…how to simplify your expectations

…how to stop thinking and start doing

Simplified Relationships

Then we move into relationships. Despite me being an introvert and hiding behing “not needing friends because my husband was enough, or I hate people” I do need friends. Especially mom friends who are living in the same season of life as me. This chapter has two sections.

…how to make mom friends

…how to be a happy wife

Simplified Time

Next we dive deep into taking ownership of your time. Now that you have a strong foundational mindset we can move onto the logistics of this course.

...get your priorities clear so you know how to spend your time

…knowing the difference between the things you have to do, and the things you don’t have to do

…a time blocking tutorial on google calendar

…how to make a morning routine

…how to make a nightly routine

…how to make a cleaning system, and stop the pinterest chore chart madness

…how to habit stack

Simplified Self Care 

Next we move into learning to make self care a reality for you. We redefine and learn how to weave it beautifully into our days, and accept that self care is not realistically “treat yourself” all the time, and that is OKAY.

…how to simplify your self care

…journaling simplified (one of my favorite ways to practice self care)

…and a bonus training with my friend Melissa Killeleagh teaching you very realistic and practical ways to bring self care into your daily life

Simplified Physical Health

 Then we simplify your physical health, because mama, your body is what carries you through your days and you need to take care of it.

…simplified nutrition

…simplified fitness

…apothecary simplified with my sweet friend Jodi, with Earthy Herbs teaching you her best natural remedies to have on hand for all the common childhood ailments that happen! Rice water for stomach aches anyone? 

Decluttering Simplified

Then I wanted to give you some decluttering support, because I tell you all the time decluttering is the EASIEST way to get relief in your days as a mom.

…decluttering simplified. 


  • The content is all stored in an online platform called Thinkific.
    You get instant and lifetimes access to all the course content upon purchase and all future content upgrades, additions and bonuses.
    Content is delivered via video and text, and downloadable PDFs for you to use.
  • There is an optional free email sequence that will walk you through the entire course over a two week span if you want additional accountability and support.
  • Plus you get access to the private Motherhood Simplified Mastermind group where the only moms in the course hang out, and where I offer up addition support, guidance and training. 

I created this course in response from moms in the Motherhood Simplified community wanting to know how to move past the cluttered lifestyle and into one they could truly enjoy. 

This course is made for moms like you, and I actually use this course in my daily life, too! Yes, I created this course, but guess what? I am a mom like you trying to be better and better every day!

I promise that if you get inside of this course your motherhood will be transformed beyond what you every imagined. 

For $111 this course is yours forever!

If you’d rather break it up into two payments you can do that, too! $66 today, and you will automatically be billed $66 in one month from your first payment. 

Because you get instant access to ALL of this content immediately after purchase, all sales are final.

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