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Hey friend!! Did you know I record most of the episodes LIVE in our Facebook and Instagram community? I do this because this podcast is something I built around my real life mom life and my hope is to let you know you have a friend in me. This podcast was created to give you a sense of community, friendship and like minded moms on the same mission to declutter and simplify as you!

I created this podcast for moms like you – my passion is to connect and grow with you – so come engage and interact while we create these episodes designed for a mom like you, by a mom like you! 

Leaving a review means the world to me! I read each and every single one of them and appreciate you taking time out of your day to support me, my family, and this podcast!

EP01 Decluttering Simplified

This episode is the perfect place for you to start decluttering your home, and simplifying your life!

The focus of this podcast is to give you easy to implement action steps and I always want to help you do it in the SIMPLEST way.

This episode helps you get to the root of what decluttering actually is, and then HOW to do it in 6 easy steps!

EP02 Decluttering Vs. Organizing

In this episode we talk about the pressure we put on ourselves as mom to “be organized”. We cover all the Pinterest boards, organizational bins, and idealistic organizational solutions that you TRY to implements into your every day life that just all comes undone in about half the time it took you to put together.


How to declutter your crafts so you can actually be crafty

In this episode I help you tackle your crafts! As a former teacher mom, I get it. Crafts are a big deal. They are how we create and express ourselves, but this is the truth.. too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

How to declutter your home with kids, and without it all coming undone behind you

hyypIf you’re listening to this podcast chances are you are a mom with kids still in the house and you WANT to declutter… but you have kids. And when you declutter or try to get ahead your kids go behind you and undo the rest of it and it feels like it’s just a giant waste of time.

EP05 How to stop buying clutter

In this episode we have break down what clutter actually is, too much of anything. 

When it comes to shopping we buy and buy, often without giving any intentional thought to what it is that we are buying and why we continue to buy things that we don’t need.

EP06 What it's like to declutter your home

In this episode we talk all about what it really feels like when you declutter your home! I tell you the story of how we did it as a family and the ups and downs of the entire process.

EP07 Ten benefits of decluttering your kids' toys and how to do it

In this episode we talk some serious benefits of having LESS toys for your kids. It’s not enough to just know that it helps, so then I give you some really clear actions steps on HOW to declutter the toys. 

EP08 How to declutter sentimental things

motherhoodIn this episode we talk about one of the most difficult things to declutter – your sentimental things. Which is exactly why I recommend NOT starting with the sentimental things.

How to declutter when you have kids and your family and friends give them so much stuff

In this episode we get honest about WHY you have to stop letting your kids be the excuse you don’t declutter, or the REASON that you are going to declutter! When it comes to successfully decluttering with kids you have to understand the difference between a goal list and a to do list.

Simplify your self care with Melissa Killeleagh

In this episode Melissa and I have a conversation about how to redefine self care in your mom life. We all know and hear about how we shoud “do self care”, especially as moms but we don’t know HOW!

Simplified cleaning routines with Jana Barnard

In this episode we speak with Jana Barnard, owner of the YouTube Channel At The Speed Of Life where she offers daily cleaning accountability.

How to declutter the sentimental things

Come learn my best six tips on how you can begin to approach the sentimental items in your home and begin to clear the clutter to honor your memories and history.

Simplified Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise and Repair With The Devoted Mamas

Come learn how to maintain your body as much as possible and repair it after birth with Kendra and Nicole, owners of the Devoted Mamas! We talk all things pelvic floor and diastasis recti!

Simplified family health and wellness with Amanda Queen

Come learn how to create a solid foundation of health and wellness for your family with Amanda Queen.

Simplified wardrobes and clothes decluttering for moms

Come learn six new tips to letting go of the clothes in your mom wardrobe that you aren’t wearing and how to create a simple wardrobe that works for you AND makes you feel good!

How to give yourself permission to declutter

We know decluttering would help our days go smoother and gives us more peace and calm in our home, but we just won’t let ourselves do it. Come learn how to give yourself the permission you need to break through your excuses and setbacks!

Moving past seeing $$ on the toys you want to declutter

 In this episode we talk about how to get past all the money you spent on the toys that you want to declutter. This episode is about decluttering but its about so much more and that is the mindset behind why you haven’t decluttered yet.

How to streamline all the moving parts of mom life

 This is a LIVE class I taught on how to simplify and streamline every area of your mom life. We talk so much about decluttering things, but today’s conversation is about decluttering all the NON physical things.

The problem with donating toys

In this episode we examine why we tell our kids “We are going to give your toys to kids who don’t have any, or don’t have a lot” and the backward message we are unintentionally sending by saying this. 

This is why you have so much clutter with Mia Danielle!

In today’s episode we get to the root of WHY you have so much stuff and how to let it go. Mia Danielle is a fellow minimalist mom blogger and I know you will LOVE her insight!

Your clutter needs to shut up

In this episode we talk about how LOUD your clutter is and how it makes you internalize negative qualities and labels about yourself that just aren’t true. 

When motherhood feels lonely

Today we have a super real conversation about why motherhood feels lonely sometimes and how we can dig ourselves out of those feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

How I buily my mom wardrobe

In this episode I tell you the story of my ever changing wardrobe – from stay at home mom to professional working mom.

Pregnant mom to breastfeeding/pumping mom to that awkward postpartum phase mom.

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Lindsey Camp

Join us for a conversation with REAL mom Lindsey Camp and hear her story about how she decluttered her home. Lindsey started off by watching the Minimalist documentary on Netflix and then asked if anyone knew of a support group or how to apply the same concepts to a regular mom

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Kaitlyn Rook

Come learn how Kaitlyn’s life is different now compared to before she decluttered – spoiler alert in this episode she’s coming off of a weekend with family at her house, just sitting and playing with them AND her house wasn’t destroyed

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Aimee Powell

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Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Danielle Grigg

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Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Sarah Potter

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Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Emily Garza

Emily’s story of how she decluttered is one that brings together the most important aspects of decluttering – having a vision, and then making the decision to let the stuff go so that vision can be your reality.

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Cassandra Gessel

Learn how despite chronic illness, a back surgery and a broke leg Cassandra was able to declutter home and find the relief she was seeking in her days.

Listen to this when you're feeling discouraged and unmotivated

This episode is special for YOU when you have those days where everything just feels like it’s too much. When you are feeling unsupported, overwhelmed and like you just can’t get things done. Spoiler alert – you can! I share my best tips for doing it!

You don't have to choose between a clean house OR time with your kids

In this episode I get bold and let you know a secret.. get close.. you ready? You CAN have a clean house AND time for your family.

How we 'do' toys and the full list of what we have

I finally share with you HOW I do it, and how to do it without self sabotage, a strict approach and one size fits all toy set up, and of course… what everyone always asks, what toys we have.

How to let go of your just in case clutter

Break up with Justin once and for all and take back your home!!

Balancing it all as a working mom with Teach.Workout.Love

Jennifer Purcell, creator and owner of the blog Teach.Workout.Love shares with us her thoughts on balance and how she practices it in her life.

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Savanna

Come hear the super fun AND impactful story of my friend Savanna and how she decluttered her home! Her story is especially fun to me because we decluttered her home together!

How to declutter your pantry AND cleaning supplies

This episode is for the mom who needs help with her pantry! She has tons of food, but still nothing to eat. She is sick of buying food just to watch it spoil and having to throw it away. 

Creating a vision for YOUR motherhood

How to create the season of motherhood that YOU really want, no fear, no holding back.

Routines and habits for moms that work

Learn how to create, implement and stick with routines and habits that make your life EASIER.

Creating vision for your motherhood - Part 2

In this episode I share with you TWO huge reasons I was afraid to commit to the vision I actually had for my motherhood and they were..

Decluttering is hard, but NOT decluttering is harder

I let you know I feel you – decluttering is hard. But then I give you a kick in the pants to remind you that NOT decluttering is harder – and why.

How to become the mom you need to be in order to declutter your entire home

Who you are becoming through the decluttering process is JUST as important as the HOW. In this episode we focus on the changes that happen to you, not your home.

Generational hoarding, and how to break the cycle

Today we talk about the REAL issues behind your parents, grandparents and friends who are pushing their clutter onto you!

Knowing what season of motherhood you are in

There are so many different seasons of motherhood that demand something different of us every time. Learn what they are and how to maximize them.

Make your kids your reason, not your excuse

As moms we have so much to do and so little time to do it.. and let’s be honest we also have the greatest excuse in the world… our kids.

The secret to doing it all as a mom

Come learn the REAL secret behind being a mom who CAN do it all.

The secret to making mom friends

In today’s episode I share my history of being team “introvert, I don’t need friends” to having a strong support system of friends I love and cherish.

How to declutter when you're a perfectionist

Come learn how perfectionism is actually the thing that is holding you back the most – despite hiding behind the illusion of “perfect”.

A new way to declutter toys

I share a brand new way to help you declutter the toys in a way that actually works! And a sweet offer to get into Clutter Free Motherhood

How long it takes to declutter and why it feels like forever

Get prepared to be in this decluttering process for the long haul by learning how long it really takes to declutter your home.

Listen to this if you want to declutter, but you don't have time

A series of truth bombs about how you are spending your time and why you don’t have enough… and how to find the time for the things you want and need to do.

How to get on the same page as your spouse about decluttering

What to do when you want to declutter but your spouse is resistant.

Toy Story 4 says to declutter the toys!

Toy Story 4 has us all talking about toys and feeling all kinds of things about them – come hear my favorite takeaways from the movie without any spoilers!


I accidentally skipped episode 54 so ignore this blurb!

Why you should declutter BEFORE you have your baby

One of the most common questions I get is “should I wait for maternity leave, or should I declutter now” .Come hear my thoughts on this!

Strong opinions about clutter that will help you!

Come learn some of my strongest opinions about your clutter that WILL help you make progress! Warning – it may ruffle your feathers. In a good way.

Time ownership for moms

Let’s talk all things TIME and get really clear on how you spend it, and how you make it.

Your priorities as a mom

I walk you through how to identify your current and desired priorities, and then how to live aligned with those in your every day life.

Stop the comparisonitis

How to STOP falling into the trap of consuming everyone else’s life and living the compare and despair trap!

Stop thinking and start doing

Come learn how to get out of your head and INTO your mom life.

How to get yourself unstuck

We all get into ruts, and it isn’t fun. You CAN get yourself unstuck though and this episode give you tips on how.

Productivity hacks for moms

Do you feel like you are constantly going and doing yet nothing gets done? This episode helps you stop that vicious cycle.

How to finish the decluttering projects you've started

Do you start a lot of projects and never finish them? Come learn how to stop this cycle of starting everything and finishing nothing.

Mom burn out - what it looks like and how to move past it

Burn out – what is it, how to recognize if you have it and how to get past it.

Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean With Shamra

Come hear Shamra’s powerful story about decluttering that will inspire you to take messy action despite your circumstances!

Decluttering for a peaceful home

Did you know that one symptom of a cluttered home is sibling fights? Come learn how the environment can make or break the vibe of your home (or classroom if you’re a teacher!).

Decluttering is not wasteful - here is what is!

NOT decluttering is actually more wasteful than decluttering – because when you declutter you are being brave and bold enough to actually look at your consumption habits

Simple organization with Ashley Strong of Home Intentionally

Finally the answers to all of your organization questions that you have that I can’t answer for you!!

A kid's perspective on decluttering and simplifying - with my kid!


Your clutter isn't that special

The clutter you’re clinging to, or trying to sell for way more than it’s worth, and tricking yourself into thinking REALLY is valuable for that just in case moment… is the exact same stuff as Susy’s down the street and Barbara’s on FB marketplace. No one wants it. Not even you.

Listen if you dare - your excuses are invalid

Time, energy, kids, overwhelm…. after HUNDREDS of responses from moms like you, what I found was everyone has the same excuses.

Motherhood Simplified - what it's all about and why I created it

This episode was created to tell you exactly what Motherhood Simplified was created to do for you as a mom, and why I started it. I tell you the origin story of how I got started and that the catalyst to creating all of this was to offer moms like you a solution to the daily overwhelm from your clutter.

PURGEATHON! Lets declutter together day 1

… laundry room

…junk drawer

…home decor and trinkets

PURGEATHON! Let's declutter together day 2


…entry way

…your closet

PURGEATHON! Let's declutter together day 3

… makeup and cosmetics



Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Heather

Come hear Heather’s story of how she decluttered her home while on maternity leave and an unexpected injury in her toddler. 

This ONE thing is causing you an insane amount of clutter

After watching over 5,000 moms declutter their homes and decluttering my own home I can confidently say there is ONE commonality behind all the clutter we have and that is….

Simplified books - a kid's perspective

Are you a book hoarder? Aren’t all moms? More books means smarter kids and better readers, right?

Ask yourself these two questions to get yourself unstuck

These two questions will help you find your inner powerhouse to actually take the action you know you need to make!

The REAL price of your clutter

Have you avoided decluttering because all you can see is the money spent on it all?? You’re not alone and this episode is for you.

Pro-tips for decluttering before you move

Pretty much everyone has said, or done the thing where we say we’re just going to pack everything up and we’ll declutter after we move. Which sounds nice, except MOST people don’t.

3 good intentions you have that are keeping your home cluttered

I get to know you and your stories and what you’re struggling with and I used to be you – overwhelmed by too much stuff and then having the best of intentions and still staying stagnant and stuck under all the clutter.

Your clutter is a false sense of security

Your clutter is NOT true security!! We cling to clutter in the hopes of it being our savior one day. We think that it is financial security. We think that the power lies in our stuff – and I am here to tell you that is not true!!

Declutter so playing with your kids is easy and fun

How much do you actually play with your kids versus how much you actually WANT to play with them?

What comes first - decluttering, or the time and energy to declutter?

As moms we already have limited time and energy. We are pulled here, there and everywhere and feel like there is just never enough time OR energy to actually declutter

Simplifying paper piles

I’m gettin’ PAYper… not like the song all fun though. Getting paper all over the house, piled up, filling the drawers, and then the cabinets and then the boxes in the closet.

Simple routines that save our lives during back to school!

It’s back to school time and as much as we all think it’s the solution to the summer chaos we’ve been enduring, it’s actually just a new form of crazy town. Learn simple ways to stay on top of it all.

How decluttering makes your postpartum phase easy!

Having babies and surviving the postpartum phase is hard enough. I learned the hard way that I was making that really intense and short window of life even harder on myself by living in a cluttered home that worked against me every day.

Make your home work FOR you, not against you

You have way too much going on to wake up every day and fight the clutter in your home!

How to create organizational systems and routines the EASY way

You are seeking the organizational systems and routines to make your life easier but there is one fatal flaw! You are doing the last step before the first step and that is..

Focusing on the right things to master decluttering as a skill

Decluttering is a skill – which is a good thing for you! Because like any other skill you can practice it, find strategies and tips from other experts and get better and more efficient at it the more you do it!

Waking up before the kids, and morning routines

No one really wants to wake up before their kids but sometimes, depending on the season of motherhood that you are in, what you aren’t craving is more sleep. It’s quiet, stillness and time for you before the demands of your day start to come at you.

How to trick your family and friends into thinking you clean all the time, and you take naps instead

Learn how to have a CLEAN house MOST of the time, with minimal effort and still have time to take a daily nap.

How to declutter your unfinished projects AND your utility closet!

Unfinished projects are a huge source of mental clutter and never ending to do lists!

How to delegate in your home and get HELP from your family

Today we talk about how it feels to be the one doing ALL the work in the house. WHY you are likely the one doing it all. And HOW to delegate to your family so that you can get some much deserved HELP.

How to intentionally decorate your home

Learn how to decorate your home without the headache! These practical tips for home decor allow you to find your personal style and create a space that feels good to you.

How to commit to being clutter free, and accountability hacks for moms

In this episode I teach you HOW to commit to being clutter free and hold yourself accountable.

How to find your motivation to declutter, and how to give yourself grace

How to find your motivation to declutter, and how to give yourself grace

7 things to expect when you declutter

In this episode I give you a list of 7 things to expect as you declutter your home. These things are univeral to all moms (self included) as they begin to declutter their homes.

Self care for moms - it's not TREAT YO' SELF, and it IS possible, even necessary for moms

Come hear some stories about

..the LIES I used to tell myself about self care

…What I used to think self care was

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