Strong opinions about clutter that will help you!!

Strong opinions about clutter that will help you!!

What this episode is about

Today I share with you what those are and what the foundation of the Motherhood Simplified movement is based on.

Often times moms come into the Motherhood Simplified community with the same root issues but seeking the same bandaid solutions. I often find myself giving advice that I can FEEL through the internet that is frustrating to the moms I get to know becuase…. it’s not the easy answer.

It’s not the answer we’re sold by Target and the Container Store and Home Goods. But these answers – which are my opinions – about clutter in the home and the impact it has on us are strong.

So strong that I will shout them from the rooftops to any mom who will listen because I know they will be infinitely more helpful to you than any fluffy, unopinionated, easy answer I can give you.


… the strong, and sometimes unpopular opinions I have about clutter and how they will HELP you more than any weak, unopinionated bandaid solution


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