Your clutter isn't that special

Your clutter isn’t that special

What this episode is about

The clutter you’re clinging to, or trying to sell for way more than it’s worth, and tricking yourself into thinking REALLY is valuable for that just in case moment… is the exact same stuff as Susy’s down the street and Barbara’s on FB marketplace. No one wants it. Not even you.

We all have our own clutter – and our clutter is the only clutter that is ACTUALLY useful for just in case, what if, saving money, and indicative of our kind heart because we kept everything that was every given to us…

But what if I told you that ALL of your stuff – is the exact same stuff that everyone else has. And all of those reasons are the exact same as everyone else’s. And that no one’s clutter is really that special and NOT every going to meet those imaginary scenarios that everyone has in their head?

Would you be brave enough to this episode and dare to shift your mindset about your clutter and see it for what it really is? An overabundance of stuff designed to steal your time, energy and in essence, your life.

… the endowment effect and how it makes us think that our clutter is WAY more valuable and special because it’s in our possession

… What you’re keeping and why – spoiler alert after hundreds of responses from moms like you, everyone had the SAME ten answers. Your clutter isn’t that special

… How to shift your perspective on your stuff and see it for what it really is, which is nothing great if we’re being honest




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