What this episode is about

You know I stalk you guys, right? Like I get to know you and your stories and what you’re struggling with and I used to be you – overwhelmed by too much stuff and then having good intentions and still staying stagnant and stuck under all the clutter.

So today I am going to help you recognize three good intentions that you likely have, or have had, and how they are keeping you stuck in your clutter. There is a way to live out those good intentions AND get out from under the stuff so you can live more simply, my friend.

IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT the good intentions you have that are keeping you stuck

… the gifts and hand me downs that you feel obligated to say yes to every time, and then keep forever (or at least way too long)

… sentimental items – what they really are, and what they aren’t

… not wanting to be wasteful – but inadvertently being SUPER wasteful

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