3 productivity truths as a mom

Productivity as a mom just looks different. 

Get the full transcription and closed caption here. Last year on the podcast I stopped sharing about productivity as a mom. It used to be one of my favorite topics to share with you! Then I entered into one of the most demanding seasons of life, and everything halted. I had two under two again, a cross country move plus a global pandemic. 

I was floundering. Maybe you can relate? 

Here's what I learned last year while giving myself the space to just flounder. 

  1. Productivity as a mom will always ebb and flow. Society is designed around a constant stream and level of doing that just doesn't match the reality of life with children. Or even life as women who have monthly energetic cycles.
  2. Productivity as a mom just looks different. It's not always time blocking and pomodoro. 
  3. Moms can have it all. We can't do it all alone, or all the time. 

Change is the only thing that remains the same. Extra true in motherhood, right?

There have been seasons of my life where waking up before the kids was my version of productivity. And there are times where productivity is sleeping in because children, pregnancy and the entire postpartum phase is physically exhausting.

Both are productive and necessary. 

I changed what I think productivity “should” look like in my motherhood.

I spent a lot of years applying hustle culture mentality to my motherhood. Not only hustle culture, but a very linear path I thought I was supposed to be on.

The truth about motherhood, and being a woman for me is that my life isn't linear. It is multi-directional and expansive. That is hard for hustle culture to understand. And it creates a big mismatch in the practices I was trying to implement in my daily life. 

For example: doing the same thing every day at the same time. Great for a corporate job, not great for motherhood. 

When I started to redefine what my productivity looked like I was able to embrace practices that supported me, my children and overall life. 

This is not to say I don't believe in routines. I absolutely do! Especially for children. I have just learned to find balance and flow in how we implement them. 

I accepted that productivity for me meant accepting that I can have everything I want. Just not DO it all on my own. 

This is a challenging concept to grasp in a world that praises “super moms” who do it all. It's one of the most damaging though. Especially when we realize how fragmented our society has become. 

We lack community, comradery and support in so many ways. Some of us are blessed to have it, but it is not the norm. This widens the gap between our ability to ask for and accept support and just sucking it up and suffering on our own. 

I know this is a big web to untangle which is why I took 2020 off from teaching on productivity as a mom. Living through that year taught me so much, and completely transformed so much of how I view this as mothers. 

I re-created the Motherhood Simplified course to support you in this. I would love to see you inside it!

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0:53 – why Krista took a break from talking about time, routines, habits and selfcare, boundaries etc 

3:46 – Krista knows what works because she's actually done it. 

4:35 – truth #1 

7:27 – truth #2 

11:13 – truth #3 

13:59 – how it practically looks 

15:53 – announcement about the retired motherhood simplified course 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support