3 reasons decluttering can’t wait

This episode discusses why decluttering cannot keep being pushed to the bottom of your to do list.

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How to make your home your home peaceful, creative and easy to clean up

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Decluttering requires emotional awareness AND action

I’m a highly empathic and compassionate person. Every personality test I take proves that time and time again. So know that what I am about to say comes from a deep place of knowing that sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do is tell a truth. Here goes…

If you don't declutter your home your one season of motherhood will flash before your eyes and you will miss so much of it.

And not only that, all the beautiful gifts you want to give your children like your time, patience and life lessons that will serve them as adults will fall short.

And if you are currently overwhelmed by the heaviness clutter brings to your as a mother, you are not alone and nothing is wrong with you.

You have just been born in a time where that is NORMAL and accepted for mothers.

Everywhere you look it's buy more, get more, you need BETTER stuff. It's gifted to you, and it's not only a conscious message we get… it is deeply embedded into our society right now.

No other generation has faced the intensity that we do now with social media, a total restructuring of pretty much every major aspect of our society, family roles and pressure to live a highlight reel.

That's not your fault

But it is your responsibility to change it once you're aware of it. So that you can step over to the other side where:

You can live in a way that feels like you are deeply caring for your family, yourself, your home and everything in it, especially the people.

AND, You have the patience your kids need from you (most days).

Not only that, all of this can be true, too.

  • You raise kids who WANT to come home after they’re grown.
  • Undo generational habits and stories you carried into your life that you don’t want your kids to carry into their adulthood.
  • Value your time and energy and balance that with all of the unpredictable and urgent needs of motherhood – without the guilt.
  • Release the resentment and heaviness you feel in your home and toward your family because of pointless messes.
  • See a clear direction for your life, how you’ll be able to support and encourage your kids in finding their own direction instead of being all consumed by the daily busy work.
  • Be able to just walk into a room, and relax instead of seeing piles of stuff and work you need to do.
  • Live in a home where it’s easy to get help from your family because it’s simple enough to manage and still has all the things everyone want’s and needs.
  • All of that sounds like not just a dream, but like a deeply fulfilling season of motherhood right? Well, it's true and possible for your real life.

Take a minute to think about what all of that would REALLY be like for you.

Pull out a piece of paper and make a list of all the things that would be different for you if you only had HALF of those benefits of decluttering I just laid out above.

How much easier and more fun would being a mom be for you on a daily basis?

Spend some time thinking about it, because I have something fun O coming for you tomorrow. Even better hit reply, and let me know what you're most excited about when you declutter!

I have something fun coming for you tomorrow 🙂



Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support