Not making progress with your clutter? Here’s why

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you declutter, it never seems to make a dent?

No matter what it seems like you are just never making progress. There are likely some very simple reasons this is happening. I see it often inside of the Motherhood Simplified community! 

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1. You have a skewed experience of accumulating versus decluttering. 

You have been accumulating in the form of shopping, holidays, birthdays, hand me downs, thrift stores, Amazon for YEARS. Maybe even decades.

If you're like me you never really knew that intentionally letting stuff go was a part of managing a home. Logistically it makes sense but it's just not always something we think about.

It takes time to recalibrate this. 

2. You don't realize how much you are still consuming so when you do declutter, it's almost immediately RE-cluttered.

Think about when you go shopping or get things delivered and how much is coming in versus how much you actively let go.

It's similar to the first point above, but a more immediate and daily experience of what you accumulate versus what you declutter

3. You haven't reached your personal clutter threshold yet.

We all have one, some are bigger, some are smaller. It also changes based on the season of life we are in. But if you've decluttered a lot and have not REcluttered, this is likely where you are getting hung up.

4. You haven't put the finishing touches on your decluttering yet.

I'm talking about organization. Yes, it's an essentail piece of the decluttering puzzle but it;s the LAST piece. Most of us try to lead with this. However, if you have decluttered enough and really don't think there is anything left you might just need to create systems and a flow around the stuff you have left. The way you know have reached this point is by having all of the stuff you own comfortbaly fit in the spaces you have. I'll give you an example with the toys.

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1:55 – Krista starts off with a question

2:36 – 1st reason you feel that way

5:57 – 2nd reason

6:35 – revolving door of clutter

8:55 – 3rd and final reason

9:27 – talking about thresholds

13:23 – personal toy story

18:27 – letting your house breathe

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20:00 – new bonus toys in cyc live 


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