3 ways clutter is overstimulating

In motherhood there are 3 main things that lead to overstimulation. Our children, our clutter and every day tension and stress. 

Clutter is overstimulating. Let's talk about ways we can reduce overstimulation in our every day lives. As humans we can only process so much at any given time. Mothers need to reduce their sources of stimulation because kids in general cause a lot of overstimulation. 

In this podcast episode I share what is overstimulation, and how to reduce it in your mom life. 

Spoiler alert: you can't declutter your kids so the clutter has to go. 

When you declutter your home, a natural side benefit is having more relaxed children as well as less overall tension and stress. 

The constant sources of stimulus can exasperate our feelings of anxiety, depression, tension, stress and overwhelm. There is even a term call adhd overstimulation that can occur. And it only feels worse when we are also constantly overstimulated by the stuff in our home. 

At the end of the day we are just humans with nervous systems only capable of processing so much stimulus.

If you struggle with feeling snappy, wanting to hide in a dark room and run away from your home, this episode is for you, and you're not alone. 

Timestamps for 3 ways clutter is overstimulating

1:09 – what is sensory overload 

4:39 – the 3 major things that cause sensory overload in motherhood specifically 

5:10 – 1. our children 

5:54 – 2. our clutter 

7:16 – 3. Everyday tension and stress 

8:28 – thresholds of what we can manage 

10:00 – the easiest one to get rid of and why it's life-changing 

13:18 – something has to give 

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