Productivity hacks for moms
decluttering simplified

How to be productive while decluttering

Do you know there has to be a more efficient way to do things instead of running in circles and being “busy” all day yet accomplishing next to nothing?

Why you should declutter BEFORE you have your baby
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How to declutter before maternity leave

 This community is called Motherhood Simplified – so obviously we are in the seasons of having babies. One question I get often is “should I declutter before my maternity leave or during”. I wholheartedly believe that BEFORE is the answer.

How to get on the same page as your spouse about decluttering
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When your spouse won’t declutter

  You WANT to declutter but your spouse disagrees and has different viewpoints as you when it comes to the stuff in your home. That is okay! You are not trapped, you are not helpless and you CAN make progress even if your spouse doesn’t want to.  

Listen to this if you want to declutter but you don't have time
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How to declutter with minimal time

  This episode is a series of truth bombs about how you are spending your time. I get it, we are moms, we juggle A LOT. But to wave your white flag in defeat and NOT do the things that will ultimately give you more time and energy is something I am passionate about pushing you through. 

How long it takes to declutter and why it feels like forever
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How long does it take to declutter your home?

  This episode is meant to prepare for how long it’s really going to take you to declutter your home. There is not a specific timeline BUT I help you realize why you have so much stuff, how much there really is so that you can understand WHY it is going to take you more than one weekend or purging ten bags of stuff. 

How to declutter when you're a perfectionist
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How to declutter as a perfectionist

 In this episode I share my old perfectionist life, how it negatively affected my life and how much more I enjoy my life, and how much more I actually do now that I have dropped the perfectionist label.

THE secret to making mom friends
Motherhood Simplified

How to make mom friends

  In today’s episode I share my history of making mom friends and how I went from team no friends, don’t need them, no time for them to having a strong support system of friends I love and cherish.

The secret to "doing it all" as a mom
Motherhood Simplified

How to do it all as a mom (is this possible?)

I’ll be totally honest and LOVE being the one who “does it all”, I am a 3 on the enneagram and it just is what it is and I am who I am. BUT I know the secret – and it’s this… we do NOT do it all. 

Make your kids your reason, not your excuse
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The reason moms don’t declutter

 As moms we have SO much to do, and it feels like there is never enough time or energy to do it… BECAUSE kids.

But what if we switched that story and started telling ourselves, no, I am going to do this becuase KIDS.

Knowing what season of motherhood you are in and maximizing it!
Motherhood Simplified

The different seasons of motherhood

  In today’s episode we talk about the different seasons of motherhood and what they require of us. As moms they are constantly changing and evolving BUT we can also get stuck in believing that we can’t do certain things, or as much as we’d like because of that season.

Generational hoarding and how to break the cycle
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Generational clutter: how to break the cycle

  Today we talk about the REAL issue behind your parents, grandparents, friends and others pushing their clutter onto you!! Yes, it’s frustrating BUT it is not your responsibility to take on their clutter and all their complex emotional ties with their clutter.

Routines and habits for moms
Motherhood Simplified

Routines and habits for moms

 In this episode I help you understand that difference between schedules, routines, and habits and why they haven’t worked for you in the past – and how without you even realizing it probably, how they have. 

Clutter Chronicles - coming clean with Savanna Servatius
clutter chronicles

Savanna & Clutter Chronicles: coming clean

 Come hear the super fun AND impactful story of my friend Savanna and how she decluttered her home! Her story is especially fun to me because we decluttered her home together!

Just in case clutter and how to let it go
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Just in case clutter and how to let it go

 In this episode we talk about the reality of just in case clutter and how to let it go. Just in case comes from the wildest parts of your imagination and keeps you staying stuck, overwhelmed and living from a place of fear and procrastination. 

How we 'do' toys in our house and the full list of what we have
decluttering with kids

How to rotate toys at home

  Come learn FINALLY how I rotate toys for our kids of varying ages (1.5-13 years old), what toys we have and WHY.

You can have a clean house AND have time for your family
decluttering with kids

Clean house or time with your kids?

I share something kinda scary to admit… I don’t believe moms should have to choose between having a clean house OR spending time with their family. 

Listen to this when you're feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated
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Decluttering motivation for busy moms

 This episode is special for YOU when you have those days where everything just feels like it’s too much. When you are feeling unsupported, overwhelmed and like you just can’t get things done. Spoiler alert – you can! I share my best tips for doing it!

EP24 Clutter Chronicles Lindsey Camp

Join us for a conversation with REAL mom Lindsey Camp and hear her story about how she decluttered her home. Lindsey started off by watching

How I built my simple mom wardrobe and you can, too

How to simplify your mom wardrobe

 In this episode I tell you the story of my ever changing wardrobe – from stay at home mom to professional working mom.

Decluttering simplified - how to do it the easiest way possible
decluttering simplified

Simplified decluttering for moms

This episode is the perfect place for you to start decluttering your home, and simplifying your life!

Decluttering Vs. Organizing
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Organizing vs. decluttering

In this episode we talk about the pressure we put on ourselves as mom to “be organized”. We cover all the Pinterest boards, organizational bins, and idealistic organizational solutions that you TRY to implements into your every day life that just all comes undone in about half the time it took you to put together.

How to declutter your crafts so you can actually BE crafty
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Crafty moms need to declutter, too

 In this episode I help you tackle your crafts! As a former teacher mom, I get it. Crafts are a big deal. They are how we create and express ourselves, but this is the truth.. too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

decluttering with kids

Decluttering with kids in the home

 If you’re listening to this podcast chances are you are a mom with kids still in the house and you WANT to declutter… but you have kids. And when you declutter or try to get ahead your kids go behind you and undo the rest of it and it feels like it’s just a giant waste of time.

decluttering simplified

Spending your money on clutter

When it comes to shopping we buy and buy, often without giving any intentional thought to what it is that we are buying and why we continue to buy things that we don’t need

decluttering tips

How it feels to declutter your home

 In this episode we talk all about what it really feels like when you declutter your home! I tell you the story of how we did it as a family and the ups and downs of the entire process.

decluttering with kids

Clutter free gifts, family and friends

In this episode we get honest about WHY you have to stop letting your kids be the excuse you don’t declutter, or the REASON that you are going to declutter! When it comes to successfully decluttering with kids you have to understand the difference between a goal list and a to do list-

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Sentimental clutter: what to keep

Save the sentimental decluttering for last so that you can clear out all the distractions around it FIRST and gain experience in making decisions about what is actually sentimental and what you are just used to having around or are clinging to for reasons disguised as sentimental. 

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Excuses for not decluttering

 In this episode I help you get honest with yourself about why you haven’t decluttered yet and what it comes down to is not giving yourself permission to declutter for so many reasons. These reasons are just fluffed up excuses that you are allowing to hold yourself back from taking action against your clutter and feeling the relief in your days and life that you deserve. 


Toy clutter and wasted money

 In this episode we talk about how to get past all the money you spent on the toys that you want to declutter. This episode is about decluttering but its about so much more and that is the mindset behind why you haven’t decluttered yet.

decluttering with kids

Why donating toys is weird

 In this episode we talk about why we tell our kids we are going to donate their toys to kids who don’t have any, or who don’t have a lot and the twisted up message that unintentionally sends.

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Your clutter needs to shut up

 In this episode we talk about how LOUD your clutter is and how it makes you internalize negative qualities and labels about yourself that just aren’t true. 


Mia Danielle: why you have so much clutter

Mia Danielle says it perfectly – give ourself sugar coated excuses and submit to defeat against the clutter before we really have a chance to live without it.

decluttering with kids

Why we don’t do the gift of experiences

Learn why as a minimalist family, we DON’T do the gift of experience or time for our kids. We don’t follow a set rule of gifts, either. We get them toys, and we enjoy giving them!

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Joyful Christmas and decluttering

  The Christmas gifts weren’t even unwrapped yet, but they were all staring me down every day as they laid under the tree. I was

decluttering with kids

Simplified Christmas Part 2

Learn how to simplify your Christmas experience with your family this year!


What to do with your kids’ hand me downs

How do I manage hand me downs? Mom question from the Motherhood Simplified Facebook Community ! I have kids of different ages in opposite seasons

How To Decorate Your Home Intentionally
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How To Decorate Your Home Intentionally

How can you decorate your home intentionally – when you walk through the aisles and there is just SO much to pick from. Have you