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Clutter free gifts, family and friends

In this episode we get honest about WHY you have to stop letting your kids be the excuse you don’t declutter, or the REASON that you are going to declutter! When it comes to successfully decluttering with kids you have to understand the difference between a goal list and a to do list-

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Sentimental clutter: what to keep

Save the sentimental decluttering for last so that you can clear out all the distractions around it FIRST and gain experience in making decisions about what is actually sentimental and what you are just used to having around or are clinging to for reasons disguised as sentimental. 

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Excuses for not decluttering

 In this episode I help you get honest with yourself about why you haven’t decluttered yet and what it comes down to is not giving yourself permission to declutter for so many reasons. These reasons are just fluffed up excuses that you are allowing to hold yourself back from taking action against your clutter and feeling the relief in your days and life that you deserve. 

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Toy clutter and wasted money

 In this episode we talk about how to get past all the money you spent on the toys that you want to declutter. This episode is about decluttering but its about so much more and that is the mindset behind why you haven’t decluttered yet.

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Why donating toys is weird

 In this episode we talk about why we tell our kids we are going to donate their toys to kids who don’t have any, or who don’t have a lot and the twisted up message that unintentionally sends.

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