Declutter your home from start to finish!

The easiest way possible

Decluttering is hard

  • We get caught up in the just in case and what if scenarios
  • Instead of clutter we see wasted money, and want to keep it even though we know it’s not the same as money in the bank
  • Our spouses want to keep things that we don’t
  • Our family and friends keep giving us more stuff and it just never ends
  • We can never find time to make it to the donation center and selling on Facebook marketplace sucks
  • The guilt is crippling and the waste is just depressing
  • Plus.. our kids need us 24/7, interrupt us and take apart our piles
  • We don’t want to get rid of everything or become a minimalist, but we also can’t keep everything we have right now because it’s causing so.much.grief

But here's the thing...

Not decluttering is harder
  • We’re spending our days focused on stuff inside our homes instead of the people inside it
  • We spend most of our time cleaning and organizing and it’s never done – our houses are still a mess 24/7 (23/7 if we’re lucky)
  • We can’t sit on our couches because they’re covered in laundry – we aren’t sure if it’s clean or dirty at this point
  • Dinner is eaten in the living room because the kitchen table is covered in papers and stuff
  • We yell because the toys STILL aren’t cleaned up and no one care that you’ve already organized them ten thousand times (at least)
  • We’re just feeling like failures and completely overwhelmed most of the time because no matter how much we do we continue to fall behind


  • Your home being clean – and not because you spent all day cleaning
  • Walking into your home and felt at ease instead of stressed
  • Waking up and deciding to invite a friend over without having to “prepare”
  • Not having to pretend you’re not home when family or friends unexpectedly stop by
  • Having time and energy for playing and connecting with your kids and spouse – and having time for you
  • Making it easy for your family to help you maintain the home, and not having to nag any more
  • No more chores and stuff consuming your life any more

Ultimately if you...

  • Look around your house and wonder what the heck all this stuff is, where it came from and how you’re going to get it out
  • Spend most of your time cleaning up, thinking about cleaning up or wondering how you’re going to get caught up on the cleaning
  • Know you want, and need to declutter but just don’t know how to make it happen
  • Are done waking up every day fighting a losing battle against her home
You are in the right place!

Right now, moms need to declutter their homes so they stop wasting their ONE season of motherhood doing pointless busy work and moving stuff from place to place inside of their homes.

That’s why I created the digital course, Decluttering Simplified

I see you, I feel you, because I was you.

You know you are ready to do this. 
  • You are ready to do this decluttering thing now, not later. You know that when it comes to your sweet babies and children – later means they’re growing up and you are missing it. And for what? A bunch of pointless stuff?
  • You’re eager to finally be a fun, present and engaged mom again – or maybe for the very first time!
  • You are over living a life that feels like a chore, literally, and are going to free yourself from the overwhelm once and for all.

… You’re in the right place

So, what do you get?

 A super simple streamlined system to declutter your home start to finish to save you time and energy

 Checklists for each room and category of your home

📝 guides for creating an inventory of what you have – so you know what you need, and can get rid of

♥️ mental and emotional support while you deal with all the things like what if, just in case, family who isn’t on board and more

👯‍♀️ and the mastermind community of other moms doing it alongside you – plus we meet once a month to strategize your specific homes

Instant & lifetime access to ALL content

Video and text content

This course is kept together on a digital platform called Thinkific. Upon purchase you receive instant and lifetime access to all of the course content and all future content upgrades and bonuses. 

In addition to all of this you get optional access to an email accountability sequence where I will send you emails from a previous group coaching session I led to walk you through the entire course and ensure you are getting through the content. 

You also get to join our private Clutter Free Motherhood mastermind Facebook group where the other moms in the course hang out and find support, accountability and more in depth guidance from me. 

Plus these special bonuses





If the ONE thing this course did was ...

…Give you some relief in your days as a mom

…Made you breathe a breath of fresh air when you walked into your home

…Helped you create some time to make positive memories with your kids

Wouldn’t it be worth it?

I created this course to help moms like you who are wanting a total overhaul of their home, their mindset and their motherhood.

They are ready to take action, they just need to know the HOW.

For $229 this full course is yours for life, mama. You’re ready for this.

You can also get the payment plan! 4 payments of only $60 for 4 months right here!
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Why is Krista the best person to declutter your home with?

Well, I’m a mom just like you who has done it.

I don’t teach decluttering in theory – I will never ask you to do something in your home I haven’t done, or am not willing to do myself.

In 2013 my husband and I moved our family of five from Alaska to Florida with only one suitcase per person.

While I don’t think your goal should be to get rid of it all – I will teach you how to get honest with yourself about what you do have, and how to let go of what isn’t serving you.

Since 2013 we have moved several more times, and have found a comfortable in between of drowning in clutter and having just a suitcase of clothes and toys.

My core beliefs are to be kind, and be supportive and to create the life and home you want, no matter what that looks like.

The Motherhood Simplified community was built on this foundation of experience, passion and support. You are not alone in your quest for simplicity or the struggles that come along with it.

If any of this has resonated with you – you’ve found your tribe and we are here for you!

I can’t wait to get to know you!