You're not a bad housekeeper, you just have too many clothes.

Peak Mt. Washmore.

A start to finish guide to decluttering your family's clothes.

Clothes Decluttering 101 helps you declutter the excess clothes the simplest way possible so everyone has enough to wear, but not too much!


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Stop running the dryer 8 times before putting the clothes away.

You know, that thing you do when you're so behind on laundry and totally overwhelmed but what to feel like you were productive and made some progress?

Have you ever found yourself thinking these things?

  • No, I can't play this weekend. I need to catch up on laundry. Or yes, I can play - but I am going to pay for it and fall further behind.
  • Just grab the cleanest dirty clothes from the basket and get dressed, please!
  • *Turns on dryer for the fourth time, pretends like this is progress*
  • Googles how to get mildew smell out of clothes that were left too long in the washer.
  • I appreciate being given hand me downs, but OMG they are taking over and so overwhelming.

As moms the clothes feel all but simple.

Kids NEED clothes, seasons and weather change as quickly as kids grow - and clothes aren't cheap.

Clothes Decluttering 101 will teach you the exact steps to downsize the wardrobes, make decisions on what to keep and not keep, and find that happy balance of enough clothes but not too much.


  • You will learn how to manage the clothes you have in your home which means you have total control over what you have, how much and how it all goes together.
  • By learning to take control over how much you have, you will easily be able to pick and choose your favorite clothes and have all of your seasonal, size and personal style needs met
  • This is more than a decluttering checklist, boring capsule wardrobe guide, or quick fix - it is a simple but powerful clothes management system that will put you in the driver's seat of the clothing situation in your home

Imagine this...

  • Fully functional wardrobes for every one of your kids, and yourself
  • Knowing how to manage your clothing moving forward so that you can include your family in the process
  • Knowing exactly what you have, in each size and season so that you can save time, money and resources
  • Being able to easily fill in the gaps that are missing in each child/season/size wardrobe so that you can create and stick to a clothing budget

Do you want this for your laundry situation?

  • Staying caught up on laundry indefinitely - for real
  • Fitting all of your kids' clothes into their drawers, or closet (whichever you use)
  • Being free of laundry piles, or living out of laundry baskets
  • Feeling really cute and put together and like you are super mom because the clothes are clean and put away in a day
  • Having fun with clothes again and being able to creatively express yourselves as a family through clothing
  • Changing your consumption habits and learning to be a mindful consumer and steward of the planet

Your ONE season of motherhood is too short to waste being overwhelmed by laundry.

Let's take a closer look at what's included & how Clothes Decluttering 101 is going to help you get control of the laundry in your home.

Step 1 - Inventory

  • Get clear on exactly what clothes you have, how much in each size, season and category.
  • If you don't know what you have, or how much you don't know what you need - and don't need, so you need a simple inventory
  • I show you how to use Trello (a free app) to track exactly what clothes you have by size, season and child
  • After you know what you have we set target inventory goals
  • Have a running list you can use, or share with family so you can get what you need and stick to the plan (and budget)

Step 2 - Storage

  • I help you decide how you will store every day clothes
  • Next we choose how you will store and label clothes for future children, sizes and seasons
  • You will finally have those hand-me-downs in check AND
  • You will have closets and/or dressers that are functional on a daily basis

Step 3 - Shop your stash and create wardrobes that work

  • I teach you how to create a fully functional and cute wardrobe - and we start by shopping what you already have to save you time, money and our planet's resources
  • Learn how to create future wardrobes this way so you can save time and money (and the planet)
  • Have a wardrobe that is easy to mix and match aka get dressed in the dark
  • Be able to easily and affordably fill in the gaps you are missing thanks to your inventory
  • I have also included two bonus videos showing you behind the scenes of putting this system into practice. One video for my toddlers and one with my tween while she builds her wardrobe

It's time to peak Mount Washmore, mama.


Want to see exactly how it looks and works?

Check out this quick video for a sneak peak and see how this course is designed!

Clothes Decluttering 101 has every single thing you need to know to declutter your family's clothes.

  • No more telling yourself you need to drown in laundry because you live in crazy weather - I live in the midwest, with five kids who are outside more than they are in. I promise there's a better way.
  • Keep clothes for future kids - if that is something you do. Know exactly what you have, in the exact sizes, seasons and styles.
  • Learn how to create wardrobes that work have variety, make it easy to get dressed in the dark, and not drown in laundry piles.

What are you waiting for, Mama?!
This system is the answer to your laundry struggles!

And, your kids are excited to be getting a fun, not-stressed-out Mama who can't wait to actually play WITH them, instead of be in a grumpy mood because the laundry piles are so overwhelming.


You aren't a bad housekeeper, or mom, you just have too much stuff.

Here's what I see time and time again.

  • We believe that more, is better, and that WE are the problem. We need to be more organized, or better at juggling it all, and that's just not true.
  • We need less

Here's what I know.

  • You can't organize clutter in a sustainable way, and a bigger house won't solve the issue.
  • You aren't a bad housekeeper, you just have too much stuff to manage.
  • You don't need to do more, or better - you need less.


Stay caught up on laundry, indefinitely.

Hi, I'm Krista, and my goal is to help moms declutter their homes without feeling like they need to be a full blown minimalist.

I'm a mom just like you who has decluttered her entire home. I don't teach decluttering in theory, and I will never ask you to do something in your home that I have not done myself.

In 2013 my husband and I moved our family of (then 5) from Alaska to Florida with only one suitcase each. While I don't think that should be the goal, I will teach you how to get honest with yourself about what you do have, and how to let go of what isn't serving you.

I'm here to help you find that sweet spot of having enough, but not too much.

Let's take a closer look at Clothes Decluttering 101 - all the details

With this step-by-step system, you'll declutter your family's clothes in no time!

Here's what you'll love about this product:

  • Step-by-step video lessons I will teach you how to make decisions on what to keep, and not keep. When you get stuck I will show you how to move forward.
  • My secret sauce Trello toy inventory system to help you know what clothes you have in your home, and how much.
  • A super simple process you can implement many moms do this in just ONE weekend. Even if they have been avoiding it for years
  • The fool-proof method to break free from never ending laundry piles

You don't have to choose between time with your kids or clean laundry.

You can have both, and having both makes them both so much sweeter.


We know you're a busy mom, so we've made the modules of the course super easy for you to finish & implement! All videos are 5 minutes or less!


I have done my best to make this process non-intimidating and inviting for the whole family. Listen together if you want! My kids make cameos in my courses often!


Listen right from your phone and have everything you need at your fingertips. Declutter while you listen!


Because your laundry is super easy to keep up on without putting in a lot of effort!

Is Clothes Decluttering 101 for you?

Here are what other happy moms are saying!


I save clothes for my future kids and seasons/sizes. Will this work for me?

Yes! In step two when we talk about storage I teach you how to create storage systems for hand me downs and future children and sizes.

If I have less clothes, won't I be doing laundry more often? I don't want that.

This is a common misconception. Less laundry does not equal more laundry. The thing is most of us have so much that we don't have a practical frame of reference for how much we need. The reason we are behind all the time is because we have too much. As a part of my guarantee if you do this program and end up having to do more laundry, I will give the satisfaction guarantee refund. But you won't be doing more laundry, or doing it more often than you already are.

How long do I have to complete this?

As long as you need or want! Upon purchase you get instant and lifetime access to all of the content. This program is simple though that most moms get it done in a day (depending on how much they have and personal time allowances).

Do I really need a program to show me how to do this?

I can't answer that for you, but I can say that if you have been struggling and haven't been able to figure out how to manage the laundry in your home there is no shame in getting expert support from someone who knows how and has done it.

My kids are so particular about their clothes, will I be able to do this with them?

Yes! All of my programs encourage you including and leading your family through the process of managing stuff in your home, even the clothes.


If you aren't happy with this program, I'm not happy taking your money.

If within 14 days of your purchase and implementing the steps laid out for you in this program you can request a full refund and we will happily refund you.

We are so confident in this system, and past results of other moms like you who have done it that you will want to keep it forever - and tell all your friends!

If you've made it this far you owe it to yourself to do this.

  • Your kids aren't going to stop growing and you're going to have to keep getting more clothes - what if this program made that super easy for you to maintain them?
  • What if you got this program and by next week everyone in your family had workable wardrobes, you didn't have laundry backed up and then it just stayed really easy to maintain?
  • What if you got this program, and only did step one of the inventory and realized you didn't need to go buy more clothes and saved hundreds of dollars right off the bat?
  • Or were able to sell your excess clothes and got some cash in your pocket AND relief from your laundry?

Wouldn't that be worth it?

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Clothes Decluttering 101!

  • Instant and lifetime access to this digital course (value $67)
  • My Trello inventory boards included free (value $30)
  • Bonus FAQ session with me answering the top questions regard clothes (value $49)

Total value = $146

Today's price= $67