Clutter and boundaries

Clutter is a constant encroachment of your boundaries. It is constantly taking your time, energy, space.

Clutter makes you say no, when you want to say yes. It keeps you busy and distracted on a very basic level because you are required to clean it up, organize it, and give it attention. Clutter and boundaries go hand in hand.

This experience trickles into the other areas of your life and ALL of your boundaries end up infiltrated as well.

You spend more time on things than you want. You take on everyone else's burdens as your own.

A big one for moms is that it makes us feel like doing it all ourselves is easier and again, we choose to violate our own boundaries with our time, energy, preferences and moods because of it.

It makes sense that we do this because clutter is overwhelming and getting help requires more energy from us in the form of asking for it, and then holding people to what they agreed to do.

For clutter specifically what we are asking for help with often just isn't something we can pass off onto someone because they task itself is too large.

So, knowing this let's talk about how decluttering helps you establish and uphold your boundaries.

  1. You are sending a message that you are no longer willing to sacrifice your time, energy or space on things that are not serving you. You are saying that your needs are more important than the piles of stuff draining you. Or that your happiness and sanity is more important than your guilt, expectations or past decisions you regret that are keeping you stuck.

    That message is powerful.

  2. You start to see more clearly how your time and energy has been spent in the past. And how you want it to be different moving forward.

    One thing that happens often for moms inside of the Motherhood Simplified course is that they realize how skewed the workload in their home was and have a new sense of what actually needs to be done, and who can help get it there. Laundry for example, or toy messes.

    Decluttering becomes a way to practice exercising self advocacy. Just like the damaging effects clutter trickle into all areas of your life, the positive benefits of decluttering trickle into the other areas of your life as well.

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1:07 – who this episode is for

1:29 – what clutter is constantly taking

4:51 – motherhood simplified course

5:17 – what is the message you are sending when you declutter?

6:28 – the snowball effect that gets started with decluttering

8:21 – would you rather spend 15 minutes at the end of the day on a quick clean up? Or spend all 24 hours each day thinking about your mess?

10:47 – how decluttering is self care.

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