Clutter and money

Money is one of the biggest things moms think about when trying to declutter.

And of course it is. When we look at our clutter it's so easy to see both the money we spent in the past, and the potential money the clutter can bring in if we sell it. But here are two important truths about clutter and money:

1. Holding onto clutter is not the same as having money in the bank. It's not currency.
2. Most clutter doesn't have monetary value.

When you declutter you create space for money and energy. When you don't you stay stuck in a holding pattern. You can't get out, and you can't make progress. It's like a glitch in your mind. And I know it's hard.

Let's talk about ways clutter costs and saves you money – these are documented experience of myself and mothers inside of the MS community.

Ways clutter costs you money

1. Buying things you lost, can't find.
2. Buying duplicates, triplicates etc. because “you know yourself” so you plan to buy more for when it gets lost – this creates a mindset of complacency and actually makes it much harder to keep track of what you have! It also doesn't allow for complacency, even with kids.
3. Repurchasing things that got ruined in storage.
4. Paying for storage units – 9% of people have storage units that are not being used for things like a move. 65% of poeple with a storage unit have a garage/basement/attic,
5. Buying a bigger home to have more stuff

6. Not knowing what food you have, or being too overwhelmed by the stuff in your home that you choose to pay for food delivery/take out/drive thru
7. Emotional void filling/shopping to avoid your true feelings.
8. Your home being too overwhelming to be in so you find reasons to leave your house which usually ends up costing money
9. It skews your perspective of what you have, need, want, and use – clothing. Clutter begets clutter.

Ways decluttering saves you money

1. No need to purchase more stuff to store your stuff – bins are expensive, so is remodeling your house to accommodate your stuff
2. Not needing to purchase things you lost/forgot you had
3. An organized space that trickles into other areas of your life like organized finances and budgets
4. The transformed mindset that doesn't lead to overconsumption or shopping to fill a void
5. Being able to care for your things so that they last longer
6. More time and energy that allows for money saving activities like cooking at home, or no longer needing to outsource things like laundry, groceries etc.
7. Finding money and selling things for cash

When it comes to clutter and money, moms simply can't afford NOT to declutter. 

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