Clutter and time

Clutter steals your time. It's time for that to stop!

Clutter costs you a lot of things, but the most important thing clutter costs you is your time. Clutter and time might not seem related, but I promise you they are. This podcast and blog will show you 5 ways clutter costs you time, and 3 ways decluttering can save you time. 

Here are some of the most notable ways clutter and time are related.

  1. You have to spend your time managing the stuff.

    Cleaning it up, organizing it, putting it away. Often big chunks of time are dedicated to “catching up” or “re-organizing” or … cleaning the garage for a weekend. And it's all a form of spending your time on stuff. How frustrating right? Because I bet you want to spend your time doing anything but dealing with stuff.

  2. Clutter causes you to procrastinate.

    You are overwhelmed so everything ends up getting delayed and pushed to the last minute which is a huge time suck. It leaves no margin in your days and time. 
    When you have no margin in your time, you have no room for error. Which means that when you slip up on your routine, or get behind on one thing it has a ripple effect into your life.
    All of a sudden your time is consumed by catching up, and doing the things you ran out of time for. And this doesn't account for all the unpredictability that comes with motherhood – like snacks, sports, school schedules, refereeing fights, illness, etc. 

  3. Time wasted looking for things.

    How much time do you spend each day looking for that thing you need?
    The kids clothes, backpacks, purse, keys, water bottle, lunch box, etc.
    Imagine how much time you would save if you just knew where everything was! And if it did get lost there were only so many places it can be?

  4. Time wasted re-accumulating things (a quick trip to target for example)

    It takes a lot of time to make those random trips to target, or browsing the web re-purchasing the thing you lost, can't find or forgot you already had. 

  5. It takes your present moments away
    You lose your time in the form of future memories. Being present in the moment becomes so challenging because of all the noise and clutter around you that you literally miss the sweet moments of motherhood, and can't ever get those back. 

Here are ways decluttering saves you time

  1. You don't have as many pointless to dos. This was one of my best experiences. Having so much time that I could just relax every single night. Even when I was working two teaching jobs about 12 hours per day. 
  2. You can get really present in the moment, and stay there. This is how you create the moments and memories you want most in your motherhood!! No more distractions taking your time and memories. 
  3. Your life becomes efficient and all the things you need to do get done easily! Laundry routines, cleaning schedules, chore charts are ONLY sustainable if you have decluttered down to a manageable amount. 

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