Clutter Chronicles: Alison

Alison's decluttering story is one that will get you excited to declutter so that it can positively impact your self esteem and relationships. 

Clutter Chronicles: Alison is a formerly ALWAYS anxious mom to 2 children and many plants. 

When Alison started her decluttering journey she spent her days in a cycle of anxiety and stress. This made it difficult for her to connect with herself, her kids and spouse.

Furthermore, she would end up yelling way more than she would have liked. 

The great news is that with the help of Motherhood Simplified courses, Alison has been able to emerge out from under her clutter. 

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She is socially conscious and has learned the deep connection between her stuff and her mental and emotional well being.

Alison has experienced being able to breathe again in her home since decluttering, both literally and figuratively.

Here's a quote from Alison's story and perspective on toy decluttering now versus prior to when she got into the Decluttering Simplified course. 

Before I started decluttering with you, I would say, I'm going to throw out 50 toys today and I could easily throw out 50 toys everyday for a long time.

I would just rage, rage, throw them into the garbage, like over and over again and not care like that that maybe that stupid pink McDonald's sway was a favorite.

I didn't care, I was just like, I need this completely gone. Knowing how it feels to let go of your own stuff, and doing that FIRST, helped me help them and not w without getting rid of anything that they think help them declutter their things, too.


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support