Clutter Chronicles: Amanda

You can declutter even if you're a multi-passionate mom like Amanda!

Amanda wears many hats! She is a homeschool mom of two, wife, professional photographer and all around wonderful human being. Clutter Chronicles: Amanda is the story of how she simplifies so she can more easily balance it all. 

The clutter in Amanda's home left her in a cycle of getting to her breaking point.

She would yell because she hit her breaking point. Then her family would swoop in to help because they could see she was distressed.

Can you relate? It's a hard cycle to be in.

Since decluttering her home Amanda has been able to break this cycle and is learning how to still do all the things she loves to do as a multi-passionate woman.

Here are some key points from Amanda's decluttering story:

  1. Decluttering made it so she could more easily implement the gentle parenting techniques she believes in. She realized that clutter overstimulates her, and just like when her children get overloaded so does she. Now she can respond better to her kids.
  2. She knows that in order to give her kids a great childhood they don't need EVERY single toy, craft or experience. Even as a homeschooling family. 
  3. Amanda is able to see her husband's side of the clutter story better. She has even figured out techniques to get him engaged in the decluttering process. Something that was never on the table for them prior to her starting her own decluttering journey. 

Get the full transcript for Clutter Chronicles: Amanda, and closed caption video here. 

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