Savanna & Clutter Chronicles: coming clean

You can declutter just like Savanna!

Savanna had tried decluttering for years, in many ways. Marie Kondo worked a little bit, as well as the infamous clutter shifting and failed attempts at organizing clutter. 

She never had much success with it because when it came time to parting with her stuff she became super sentimental. All she would see is the wasted money and memories. Can you relate? 

I sat in Savanna's bathtub with her and played keep/dont' keep

I lived in the same neighborhood as Savanna and helped her with decluttering the toys and clothes in her home. Her and I played keep/don't keep with her which is a game where I held up an item and she had 3 seconds to say keep, or don't keep!

I was able to walk her through the decision making process by asking questions like…

When did you wear this last?

When will you wear this again?

If you had to pay $40 for this right now, would you?

Savanna has a super fun and colorful personal style when it comes to clothes for her and her kids. 

We were able to keep her wardrobe matching her personal style AND reduce the mountains of laundry. She was able to choose staple items and then add in the pieces to add her personal style around it. 

We did the same thing for her kids clothes.

Savanna was able to clear out 30+ bags of toy clutter

We tackled the play spaces by pulling it all out and getting rid of the toys that were trash, unloved and broken, and duplicates.

Eventually they were left with a curated set of toys, and rotation of toys that met their play wants and needs. Not only that but it became so easy for them to play AND clean up. 

This can be for you too, Savanna has done all of the Motherhood Simplified courses and challenges and courses to finish the work that we started together. If you want this for yourself too get into Decluttering Simplified and declutter your home in 4 weeks too!
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