Clutter chronicles: how Nichole decluttered her home

Nichole is a mom like you. 

Any time I write for you, I imagine we’re sitting together and actually talking. Today it’s you, me and Nichole sipping on some mushroom coffee (or whatever you prefer!). For this episode of Clutter Chronicles this is us 👇

Nichole is a stay at home mom of two, and wife to one. Ps, Nichole is so much fun and always down for a joke.

She started off her journey just looking for minimalism groups. Her hope was to be ready for, and recover from Christmas. I’m sure you can relate.

She tried Marie Kondo, and it worked a little bit. Ultimately though, she was just shifting her clutter around. She held onto everything for their next child. Even though they both have very different preferences and styles.

In January of 2020 she stumbled across the Motherhood Simplified group, and this is where I fall in love with Nichole.

She saw a post someone had made about being able to sit on their couch and have her house clean. She thought “Okay that makes me a little jealous, and that’s probably just one of those fake news FB posts, but… I really want that”.

Do you feel her on that? It's okay if you do!

Now this is Nichole's reality.

She started with the Clear Your Clutter challenge and some some quick wins and successes in her home. It got her excited to keep going because the projects were so simple it made it feel easy and attainable. And she had fun doing it.

Which is why she decided to get into Decluttering Simplified.

She trusted that the small projects had worked so well, this was her next step into stepping into the fully decluttered life. And she was right!

With the help of the strategies, structure and built in accountability of the course she has gotten to the root of her clutter issues. She has used decluttering as a way to clear out the noise in her head and heart and get clairty on what really matters to her.

What does that look like for Nichole now? Well, her home is so well taken care of so easily that she has been helping her mom AND her sister with their laundry. They lost access to their laundry room, and she has time and energy to help now!

Nichole has helped her mom declutter her storage unit and is breaking generational clutter trends.

She has taken time to grieve and process pieces of her life that she has been hurting from.

Probably the best of all though is that she has TIME, and energy now to do what she wants. Which these days is a whole lot of not a lotta with recovering from the global pandemic, virtual schooling and just trying to manage all of that.

This is a quote from Nichole

“Decluttering Simplified brought me back to who I am. I kinda lost myself in my marriage, and as a stay at home. I have always done so much but not so much for myself. This has given me back that piece of me I was missing. “

This is what decluttering can do for you. Nichole is a mom just like you who struggled with what if, just in case, all the money spent . 

In addition to having a clean and organized home, Nichole has found contentment with her life and what she has. The feeling of keeping up with the Joneses’ has subsided. She is in tune with what her kids really want, and she can tell they notice and appreciate her presence.

She feels freedom and ease in her days, and even when it’s hard she has the room to give herself the grace she deserves when it’s hard.

Nichole’s story is powerful and inspiring, and it’s not unique! Hundreds of moms have taken control of the clutter inside their homes and found the greener grass isn’t “over there”, it’s underneath their clutter.

Want to declutter the same way Nichole did?

Enroll in Decluttering Simplified right here!  


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support