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Clutter Chronicles: Janelle’s decluttering story

Clutter Chronicles: The story of how Janelle decluttered her home. 

Janelle is a second generation homeschooling mom of 4. When she joined Motherhood Simplified she had been on her decluttering journey for a few years and recently divorced. 

Janelle had an a-ha moment after the birth of her third child. She enlisted the help of a friend to help her catch up on laundry one day and realized that her home was not sustainable for her. 

There just simply was no way for her to tend to her children AND keep the house clean. It was also not realistic for her to expect help with her laundry on a regular basis. 

So, she set out to reduce the amount of stuff she had in her home. 

Not an easy feat for a homeschooling mom who inherited two generations of curriculum! 

Her story is one that is so relatable and realistic of what it looks like to declutter with small children around. Janelle has become a good friend to me and is a cornerstone piece of the Motherhood Simplified company.  

If you have seen her inside the Motherhood Simplified Facebook group you will see her sharing her own experiences and encouraging others to take giant leaps of faith like she has. Because she knows that a deep faith will always let you land on your feet. 

As of late 2021 Janelle plans to become a nomadic, road-schooling family. She has learned so powerfully the freedom of having less stuff, and is going so far as to only keep what fits in her min-van for her 4 children. 

Make sure to listen in to her full episode and follow her story. You can find her in her own Facebook group, Homeschooling Simply. 

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