Clutter Chronicles: Leah M’s decluttering story

Clutter Chronicles: The story of how Leah decluttered her home. 

Leah is a second generation homeschooling mom of three. Her clutter chronicles episode shares how she managed to declutter her home. 

Even when the odds were stacked against her. Leah has 3 small children, a fairly small home and was very pregnant when she started. 

She was a mom with a vision of how she wanted to parent, and that pulled her in the direction of her now clutter free life. 

Leah says that prior to decluttering, she parented from the couch. 

It wasn't because she was lazy, it was because she was just so tired all the time. Tired of cleaning up the same messes. Over trying to figure out how to get her kids to clean up after themselves.

And an even more interesting one… Leah was tired of being broke and spending her money on things that ultimately made her home more cluttered, and her life more difficuly. 

Lead is now able to adventure with her family, and get out into nature more often like she has always wanted to be able to. 

The adventures she has with her family now weren't possible for her prior to decluttering her home.

What is really cool about Leah is how she transformed the way she does toys in her home now! She went from a complicated and time consuming toy rotation, and homeschool curriculum closet to no toy rotation. And only keeping curriculum that fits within their dedicated homeschool space. 

If you want encouragement and support in simplifying your mom life like Leah make sure to listen in to this episode! 

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