Clutter Chronicles: Leela’s decluttering story

Clutter Chronicles: the story of how Leela decluttered her home. 

Leela is a mom of 3 who works outside of the home in higher education. She loves her home, neighborhood and life and is such a great example of how our physical clutter deeply impacts our internal world as mothers.

Many mothers come to Motherhood Simplified with an large amount of clutter in their home to clear out. Leela was a little bit different.

Yes, she had much to declutter. But a big part of her process was discovering that her threshold for clutter was very low.

Meaning that the visual clutter on counters would really throw her for a loop. This is totally normal, and okay. A lot of Leela's story is how she discovered that the clutter in home filled the drawers, garage and seemingly hidden spaces of her home but still deeply impacted her stress levels. 

By this point it is pretty common knowledge that clutter affects our mental and emotional well being. But did you know that the amount of clutter we can actually manage decreases the more kids we have? 

I have seen this to be true in my own life. The more kids I have, the less stuff I can handle having in our home. It would seem to be the opposite – the more kids automatically means a matched increase in stuff.  But it doesn't have to be this way.

Leela and I discuss how this worked for her in her home. She even recorded this podcast with her bran new baby which was on of her motivations for getting the clutter reduced. She knew once the newest baby arrive she would need more space, not for the stuff, but for the increased demands that a new baby brings. 

I know you will love hearing the story of how she cleared the clutter from her closets and cabinets and felt the internal relief when she did!

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