Clutter Chronicles

Moms like you who have decluttered with the Motherhood Simplified courses.

Clutter Chronicles: Erica Durda

Erica is a stay at home mom of 2 year old daughter. She left her career to be at home with her daughter and realized that her home was very overwhelming to be in. Her clutter made it so she wasn’t able to connect with her daughter like she wanted to.
Since taking charge of her home and clutter she has experienced more time and energy to be with her daughter. She is able to live the motherhood experience she always wanted.

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Clutter Chronicles: Leela Magedeleno

Leela is a mom of 3 who works outside of the home in higher education. She loves her home, neighborhood and life and is such a great example of how our physical clutter deeply impacts our internal world as mothers.

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Clutter Chronicles: Leah Moyer

Leah is a second generation homeschooling mom of three. Her clutter chronicles episode shares how she managed to declutter her home.
Even when the odds were stacked against her. Leah has 3 small children, a fairly small home and was very pregnant when she started.
She was a mom with a vision of how she wanted to parent, and that pulled her in the direction of her now clutter free life.

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Clutter Chronicles: Alison Marie

When Alison started her decluttering journey she spent her days in a cycle of anxiety and stress. This made it difficult for her to connect with herself, her kids and spouse.
Furthermore, she would end up yelling way more than she would have liked.
The great news is that with the help of Motherhood Simplified courses, Alison has been able to emerge out from under her clutter.

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Clutter Chronicles: Amanda Whitley

Amanda wears many hats! She is a homeschool mom of two, wife, professional photographer and all around wonderful human being. Clutter Chronicles: Amanda is the story of how she simplifies so she can more easily balance it all.
The clutter in Amanda’s home left her in a cycle of getting to her breaking point.
She would yell because she hit her breaking point. Then her family would swoop in to help because they could see she was distressed.
Can you relate? It’s a hard cycle to be in.
Since decluttering her home Amanda has been able to break this cycle and is learning how to still do all the things she loves to do as a multi-passionate woman.

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Clutter Chronicles: Nichole Alloca

Nichole is a stay at home mom of two, and wife to one. Ps, Nichole is so much fun and always down for a joke.
She started off her journey just looking for minimalism groups. Her hope was to be ready for, and recover from Christmas. I’m sure you can relate.
She tried Marie Kondo, and it worked a little bit. Ultimately though, she was just shifting her clutter around. She held onto everything for their next child. Even though they both have very different preferences and styles.

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Clutter Chronicles: Sarah Potter

… how Sarah decluttered her home while her husband was deployed
… the goals they both had for their home as a couple, and how ultimately even though they started off with different objectives found a compromise that satisfies BOTH of their desire for their home
… how she learned to TAKE AUTHORITY in her home and create the space she wants while still maintaining fun and respect in the home for her family

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Clutter Chronicles: Lindsey Camp

Join us for a conversation with REAL mom Lindsey Camp and hear her story about how she decluttered her home. Lindsey started off by watching the Minimalist documentary on Netflix and then asked if anyone knew of a support group or how to apply the same concepts to a regular mom. Love you Minimalists but mama’s need to take a different path toward simplicity, right?!

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Clutter Chronicles: Cassandra Gessel

… how despite chronic illness, a back surgery and broken leg Cassandra was able to declutter her home and find relief in her days
… the benefits she didn’t expect to have – like a more peaceful home, more presence with her family and being able to release herself from the guilt she felt about not being able to maintain her home pre-decluttering
… how decluttering helps her support system help her while she heals

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Clutter Chronicles: Danielle Grigg

… the hesitations and excuses Danielle had – which was every single one in the book! And how she moved past every single one
… the major life events Danielle went through during her decluttering process – starting while 7 months pregnant, having a baby, having to restructure her career, and major earthquake and knee surgery. If Danielle can do it you can too!
… her biggest benefits she’s experienced from taking ownership of her home and decluttering despite all the reasons she had not to

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Clutter Chronicles: Kaitlyn Rook

… how Kaitlyn’s life is different now compared to before she decluttered – spoiler alert in this episode she’s coming off of a weekend with family at her house, just sitting and playing with them AND her house wasn’t destroyed
… how she found the time and energy to declutter – even with four kids, and a child with a cancer diagnosis during her newborn postpartum phase of life.
… her husband’s expectation of her as a stay at home mom and how she embraces her role and how decluttering has helped her feel more confident in it

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Clutter Chronicles: Savanna

Savanna had tried decluttering for years, in many ways. Marie Kondo worked a little bit, as well as the infamous clutter shifting and failed attempts at organizing clutter.
She never had much success with it because when it came time to parting with her stuff she became super sentimental. All she would see is the wasted money and memories. Can you relate?

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Clutter Chronicles: Aimee

… Aimee shares how she approached her clutter in a different way than most, she started with the internal decluttering FIRST, and getting really clear on how she wanted her life and home to be and then shifting the stuff around her to match that
… how she has found the confidence to live in a way that not everyone understands and let go of the expectations that society and others in her life put on her
… how she managed to do all of this after having a new baby, extended family living in her home and integrating back into working mom life as a nurse

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Clutter Chronicles: Shamra

….How Shamra got started with a 3 month old with sever reflux, a toddler, and what she describes as feelings of depression, isolation and at her lowest point just prayed for a solution
…Ways she has shifted her mindset in powerful ways to help her declutter, learning that she really can’t organize her clutter
… How she used to identify as an introvert and let herself become disconnected and isolated because her home was SO overwhelming and now that she has cleared out time and energy for the things that matter to her, has learned that she is actually extroverted and is loving the time and energy to give herself what she needs for social interactions


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support