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Podcast Features

If you would like to have Krista as a podcast guest please email krista@motherhoodsimplified.com Here are topics she frequently shares:
1) How decluttering is a form of self advocacy and self care for moms and opens up the door for even more opportunities to be a fulfilled and rested mom.
2) How to declutter with kids - specifically if they struggle with never ending toy messes, organizing them just to have it all come undone immediately, kids who want to keep everything, and/or feeling the need to keep them all for educational/developmental purposes.
3) Ways that clutter costs you money, and ways decluttering saves you money both directly and indirectly.

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Other Collaborations

If you would like to collaborate or have Krista as a guest expert on your social media, membership or something else please reach out to brianna@motherhoodsimplified.com

Affiliate Program

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for any Motherhood Simplified programs please contact Krista at Krista@motherhoodsimplified.com