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How to have a home that is peaceful, creative, AND easy to clean up (even if you have kids)

Introducing Decluttering Simplified

Get rid of the stuff in your home that makes it hard to love your family. 

No more taking out your frustration in the home one the people. Take that frustration out on the stuff! 

✔️The exact steps to declutter as a mom even if you have little time, energy or day to day help.

✔️Without depriving your kids, or yourself!

✔️And without contributing more waste – to the landfill, but also put an end to wasting your time, energy and money in your motherhood. 

    Stop spending endless time and energy on pointless messes so that you have more for yourself, your relationships, your health and yes, your kids. 

    You've probably tried to fix the clutter problem in your home before.

    And you probably...

    Have tried sorting, organizing and shifting it around your home (I see you clutter shifting!).

    Believe the moms who have decluttered must have it more together than you do. And that organization comes easy to them.

    Can think of a million reasons decluttering can wait – constant interruptions from kids, decision fatigue and feeling totally overwhelmed.

    Have accepted the idea that “this is just how motherhood is”, and you'll get a break when they're grown.

    You're not alone

    Here's why none of that has worked

    now, the good news is

    You can have a home that is peaceful, inspires creativity, AND is easy to clean up (even if you have kids)

    ✅You can live in a way that feels like you are deeply caring for your family, yourself, your home and everything in it, especially the people.

    ✅You can give the patience your kids need from you, and being able to spend your most precious resource, your TIME on them, freely. And have kids who WANT to come home after they’re grown. 

    ✅Undo generational habits and stories you carried into your life that you don’t want your kids to carry into their adulthood. 

    ✅Feel like you can finally value your time and energy and balance that with all of the unpredictable and urgent needs of motherhood – without the guilt. 

    ✅Release the resentment and heaviness you feel in your home and toward your family because of pointless messes. 

    ✅See a clear direction for your life, how you’ll be able to support and encourage your kids in finding their own direction instead of being all consumed by the daily busy work.

    ✅Be able to just walk into a room, and relax instead of seeing piles of stuff and work you need to do.

    ✅Live in a home where it’s easy to get help from your family because it’s simple enough to manage and still has all the things everyone want’s and needs. 

    With Decluttering Simplified you won't:

    With Decluttering Simplified you will:


    decluttering Simplified

    The exact steps to declutter as a mom even if you have little time, energy or day to day help.

    Without depriving your kids, or yourself!

    And without contributing more waste – to the landfill, but also put an end to wasting your time, energy and money in your motherhood.

      Get rid of the stuff in your home that makes it hard to love your family. 

      Stop spending endless time and energy on pointless messes so that you have more for yourself, your relationships, your health and yes, your kids. 

      2023 addition

      Motherhood Simplified Bonus

      Simplify the non-physical clutter in your life too.

      Get out from under the busy work and then create the motherhood of your dreams! 

      Decluttering Simplified

      Is not like other decluttering programs

      It’s a full approach to clutter in your home – including reducing what comes in, managing what you keep, and learning to let things go when it’s time.



      preparation and progress documentation

      Follow a clear path for exactly how to declutter your home, what order to declutter it in, and stick to a realistic timeline so that you don’t start and never finish… or worse, just never start.


      the 4 phase decluttering plan

      A full plan, with timelines and accountability to go through every area of your home AND all of the strategies you will need as you go.


      everything you need to declutter once and for all

      All the decluttering AND non-decluttering support you need, like…

      additional content

      to fill the gaps

      I am always open to hearing from my students, so when they say they need more or something is missing, I add it in! 

      Bonuses (value $500+)

      Enroll now and you'll also get these 3 bonus trainings totally FREE!

      decluttering simplified course mock up


      Motherhood Simplified

      Simplify all of the non-physical clutter in your life, create systems and structure to support your motherhood and create your dream motherhood post decluttering! 

      Declutter your mind – sort through your thoughts and feelings about motherhood and your role as a mom, and get out of the overthinking and rumination that can happen in motherhood.

      Routines and habits to support your motherhood – get clear on your priorities, personality and season of life you are in then establish supports for your every day life as a mom. AND learn how to adjust it as needed, because motherhood is always evolving.

      Simplified delegation and boundary setting – be clear on who is responsible for what, and then holding yourself and your family accountable to it. Establish and maintain new boundaries that support your entire family unit and yourself. 

      Simplified self care – gone are the days of only doing everything for everyone but you, without threatening to run away and just take care of yourself for the sake of putting yourself first. Self care for moms needs to be approached in a new way, and this is it! 


      decluttering intro pack

      3 mini courses on the hot-spot areas of your home:

      Toy Decluttering 101 – a full, additional guide for decluttering toys, without tears.

      Clothes Decluttering 101 – how to decluttering clothes and create wardrobes that work no matter what climate you live in, or your lifestyle. And how to manage storing and save clothes

      Paper Decluttering 101 – self explanatory! Clear those paper piles and create paper systems that meet your needs.


      micro routines

      Small, doable routines to maintain the daily messes without complicated chore charts or schedules (nightly reset, morning reset, & hot spot habits).

      Decluttering has to happen first, and these micro habits keep the clutter at bay. 

      Plus, You'll also get

      This additional support

      monthly q&as

      Staying in touch with my customers and your experiences is important to me as a creator and leader, so I include Monthly Q&As

      Facebook Group

      I believe community is a huge driver for success I have included A private and intimate space for moms in Decluttering Simplified community

      lifetime support

      Co-decluttering sessions as needed or wanted and pop up challenges to get us back in the groove! And forever inclusion in course content upgrades.

      here's what you get

      Value of the program


      Regular enrollment price


      Regular enrollment price


        Regular enrollment price payment plan


          clutter pile

          My declutter pile yesterday. It's a leaving today.

          Side note: I've taken the course. A few times it's an on going process so don't feel like because you've done it once that you won't use it again. Lifetime access baby!

          Darlene's dish Motherhood Simplified - Seven Days to and uncluttered home

          I love seeing the measurable progress.. pics on the left were a few weeks ago. Right two pics were today’s before and after. I see that I was able maintain from my last entryway clearing. And finally tackle the paper clutter.


          I feel like whenever Krista starts a challenge then I just hop back to what I know and how she has trained me to declutter. A couple years ago I decluttered my house really really well and then I'm amazed. However, every 6 months to a year it needs a reset. The trash is full even though it doesn't go out until Friday… And I have three more bags full. I finished the kitchen and the kids rooms was yesterday. I did have it all day to work though which was nice!! I also woke up to a clean kitchen!!

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          Is Decluttering Simplified Right For You

          This is not for you if you want to:

          This is perfect for you if you DO want:

          Here’s what happens when you buy

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          Receive an email with all the details

          Get immediate access to the course

            Meet the founder of motherhood simplified and creator of decluttering simplified

            Hey, I'm Krista

            I’m a mom just like you who has decluttered her entire home.

            don’t teach decluttering in theory, and I will never ask you to do something in your home that I have not done myself.

            All the tips and strategies you find in this course have worked for thousands of other moms.

            I’m here to help you find that sweet spot of having enough, but not too much, so you can feel less stressed in your home. 



            Frequently Asked Questions

            First, don't ever put your family in financial hardship.

            This is the number one people say that can't (or didn't) enroll when they had the chance. And I get it, it's a big decision. 

            What I do know is that paying money for something you know will support you and your family, long term in deeply profound ways is always worth it.

            Time is the only resource we cannot create more of in this world. We can make more money, find more stuff, we can even find ways to give ourselves more energy. 

            But we cannot get more time, and we cannot get back time lost. 

            I know you know how quickly kids grow. 

            Purchasing Decluttering Simplified and all of the bonuses pay you back in the form of your life. 

            If the purchase just feels uncomfortable or maybe even scary, I lovingly invite you to do it anyway. 

            I believe in deeply supporting my students and know that you will not only make huge, lasting shifts in your life, you will find comfort in knowing you can come back again and again whenever you need to.

            Clutter also costs you money. Money on things you lost or forgot you had. Buying things for the thrill of a deal. Buying stuff to store your stuff. Storage units, bigger houses. 

            The great thing about spending money on Decluttering Simplified  is that you can sell some of your clutter and still come out ahead financially in the short run, and in the long run because you are in control of your consumption habits.

            I hear this all the time, and what I know to be true is that decluttering only needs to be prioritized for a short amount of time and then you can get back to living your life not just like normal, but BETTER.

            Right now you are probably stuck in a lot of frustrating cycles. Cleaning up the same things.

            Clutter shifting (moving items from place to place in your home).

            Trying over and over to get organized, implement routines or chore charts and cleaning schedules.

            Or worse… blaming yourself and taking out your frustrations on the people inside your home instead of just taking out your clutter for good.

            Answer this question:

            How long can I keep putting this off without it having a negative impact on me?

            This is not a trick question, I just want you to be clear on the two paths you have to take.

            If your clutter is giving you a hard time now, it won't just go away.

            Not only that but clutter compounds, so it will only continue to give you a harder time if you don't decide to declutter it and find a way to keep it at bay in the future.

            And know this:

            Decluttering supports every other area of your life. It is impossible to declutter and NOT feel relief in the short term or long term.

            I know that life is busy, and things come up which is why Decluttering Simplified and all of the bonuses have lifetime access for you.

            If you get it now, with the bonuses you can come back to it WHENEVER you need, just like so many moms do.

            YES!! I specialize in supporting moms who still have kids at home. Moms require a specific kind of support since they aren't decluttering for just themselves. Everything teach is through the lens and needs of motherhood.

             Decluttering Simplified empowers you to take control of what you can declutter, and gives you the tools communicate what you need in a gentle but still sincerely urgent way.

            This is so common. The majority of mothers are still the ones who carry the workload of the home and so it’s often something we have to learn to communicate about and create new boundaries and expectations for. 

            The other option? Put the power in their hands and hope that one day they get it. And here’s a painful truth… if there is an imbalance of power, the one who holds more will never willingly just give theirs up. It’s not malicious, it’s just human nature and something worth fighting for. 

            Sometimes the best way to do this is to make the decision that you know is right and best for you, like getting a step by step process for how to declutter your home and the support to continue to be the one in your relationship who communicates your needs, desires and transform the way shared responsibilities work in your home whether it’s asking for more help and actually getting it or reducing your workload to an amount that is manageable for you without resentment. 

            I have seen this time and time again, where a mom gets into Decluttering Simplified, starts advocating for herself and her family and naturally her husband starts to understand why it matters so much, and is willing to be actively supportive.

            Absolutely! This is also for you and one of my favorite parts of this course. You will be clearing out the excess that overwhelms you on a daily basis so there is room to honor, display and enjoy those sentimental parts of your home and life. Going through our memory boxes is one of our FAVORITE things to do as a family.

            For starters, this isn’t based on theory. I am not someone who thought minimalism was trendy and then jumped on the bandwagon. 

            I have done this in the most extreme way, then maintained simplicity while getting out of that extremity. This is not some program you will find regurgitated from other creators. 

            I have built Decluttering Simplified with my own two hands (one hand when I was creating while breastfeeding or rocking a baby) and then adjusted it based on student feedback and needs. I don’t just give you checklists, and I don’t treat you like just a number. 

            Once you’re in Decluttering Simplified, you’re in and we’re basically internet family now. And I don’t make you pay for access to the fam. 

            A lot of creators out there like to share how much money they make, or how many courses they’ve sold as if that means they are getting their customers results. I care about the depth of results I offer my students an I prefer to spend the majority of my time supporting my paid students instead of gathering up more sales. 

            Yes, this is my business and yes, I have to be profitable and sustain myself and 4 kids and the lifestyle I want to provide them. And I am also privileged (as well as worked my booty off) to create a product I believe in and LOVE supporting. That’s the difference. You are not just a number to me, and I am hands on with my students. 


            I believe in you. But if decluttering were just as easy as getting of your stuff you would have done it by now. This gives you a shortcut and competitive advantage 

            Maybe you can spend hours and hours seeking for the pieces and parts of how to actually declutter your entire home online… but it’s going to take you along time… possibly an entire lifetime. 

            It’s going to consume the little time and energy you already don’t have, and it’s not even guaranteed you’ll be able to find the information again when you need it. Decluttering is a shortcuts directly to only what you need to declutter your home as a mom, in the same place any time you need it. 

            And the last I checked authors aren’t jumping through the pages giving you real time support and feedback – books are GREAT for inspiration, but if you want action, you need something else like a program and community. 

            I don’t know why those past purchases didn’t work, but I’m sure if you look within you will know if you just need to go use what you already have OR if what you got is just missing a lot of what you need for support. 

            Either way, you’re welcome in Decluttering Simplified and my goal is for it to the be either the first and only, OR the last decluttering resource you ever need. It’s that thorough.

            I hear you, you have so much to do and focus on in a day, decluttering really can feel like just one more thing on your to do list. 

            For a lot of that busy work you are doing, the ONLY solution is to declutter because like I’ve mentioned, there is no organizational or cleaning schedule you can use that will help you maintain a home with too much stuff. 

            I spent one month decluttering in 2013 and almost a decade later I am STILL reaping the rewards of reducing my workload AND mental load. It is a short term commitment with an infinite payout time. 

            AND the great news is you are equipped with everything you need to make the decision making process of decluttering SO much easier with this Decluttering Simplified instead of needing to search for the answers in the abyss of the internet before you actually declutter. I am not saying that decluttering isn’t work, because it is – but it is the only form of work that will get easier over time and is self-sustaining and reduces the workload in MULTIPLE areas of your life.

            Imagine that you don’t declutter. How will you be spending your time in one year? Three years… now ten years. 

            Decluttering really can’t wait because you are always going to have things coming into your home. Now imagine you spend another year trying to figure out how to declutter on your own.. Only to realize you should have just asked for help. 

            Imagine all that wasted time, energy and additional frustration, burden and pressure you put on yourself unnecessarily. Plus all the additional stuff that comes into your home over the course of a year. All that stuff is eating up your time, and time is the only non-renewable resource so you need to find ways to free up your time. Decluttering is the only solution.


            Now, Some seasons of life really aren’t a great time for this – but most seasons of life just require some discipline and accountability to make the time. 


            That’s why with Decluttering Simplified you get lifetime access. You have time to use this course within the means of your current and future time obligations and energy levels. No monthly fees and no need to purchase it after an arbitrary expiration date. Which means you have time to do this. The other big benefit of lifetime access is that as your seasons of life shift and change, you have what you need to continue the maintenance of your decluttering.

            Okay this is silly. anything you know how to do you learned. One of the main driving forces for moms to do this is to teach their kids how to declutter, manage a home and have a healthy relationship with their stuff as adults. 

            If no one taught YOU how to do that as a kid, don’t you think it’s fair to let yourself off the hook and just get some help with this? 

            Do you expect your kids to just know how to do these things? Judgment free lessons on adulting are one reason this course is perfect for you.

            Great news! The whole point of decluttering is to clear out the stuff you don’t want, need or use to make room for the the things you DO want. And decluttering is a series of making decisions on those things. 

            Decluttering Simplified gives you the decision support to figure out together what it is you want to keep, let go of and be honest about what you have room for, physically but also what you have time, energy and desire for in your life right now

            As seen on:

            Value of the program


            Regular enrollment price


            Regular enrollment price


              Regular enrollment price payment plan


                Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

                I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Decluttering Simplified. You can email us directly at to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.