The Mental Load for Mothers & decluttering

mental load

What is the mental load for mothers?

We often hear about the mental load of mothers but not how to reduce this mental load.

1. What is mental load? The never never ending to do lists swirling around in your head. The logistics of modern motherhood you are responsible for managing.

2. In this episode I am not going to focus on my belief in shared responsibility between partners or how to communicate the need for shared responsibility, but I AM going to offer up a fresh perspective and solution.

3. Do you walk into a room and see all the things you need to do? Laundry, dishes, toys? That's increasing your mental load.

4. Yes, motherhood comes with more stuff but the majority of us have way more than we can actually manage physically so it then move to our mental holding place. It becomes a whole lot of unfinished tasks. And it's not even always chores – sometimes it's unfinished crafts or projects. Completing a task removes it from your mind.

5. Decluttering reduces that load. AND it makes it easier to communicate shared responsibilities. Have you ever tried to communicate what it's like to manage clutter? Like hey can you just come in and help me shift all these things from place to place? It never really works rights?

6. So, if you're like yes yes I need to declutter and am excited go check out my newest workshop How to have a home that is peaceful, inspired creativity and is easy to clean up1

In today’s episode, I share the role decluttering plays in reducing this mental load and how it impacts a mom's ability to communicate and share responsibility with her partner.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • What is the mental load of motherhood?
  • The solution to reducing this mental load
  • How this solution helps with communication and sharing the responsibility with your partner

Resources Mentioned:


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