Decluttering as a stay at home mom

Decluttering as a stay at home mom has a unique set of strengths and struggles that come along with it.

When decluttering as a stay at home mom, you're always home. So it feels more like you are ALWAYS in it. For me when I went to work I was a least getting a break, and would joke that it was the easy part of my day.
You rarely get a chance to be kid-free. Which means a lot of times it feels like you never get a break. It is perpetually exhausting, often lonely even though you are around people all the time.

Here are some specific reasons decluttering as a stay at home mom might feel hard.

Decluttering feels more like it's only your responsibility because staying home means it is your domain. So, it may feel hard to ask for help. Not only is it hard to ask for help, but it is hard to even know where to find help since communities don't exist like they used to. Most of our mom friends are busy and overwhelmed with the same things.
Often times, because stay at home moms don't earn an income, they struggle to hire or pay for resources to help them declutter.

Despite the struggles of decluttering as a stay at home mom, there are a lot of strengths.

You are there all the time. This gives you an advantage because you are in touch with what is needed, not and in the way of simple living for your family in a more tangible way.
You carry a strong leadership position in your home. You set the tone. You lead. You delegate. Yes, all mothers do this, and when you are the one dedicated to being home you have more space to really step into this in a more direct way because it is the main focus you have in your role.
Bite sized projects are generally more doable. Simply because you are home more often.
The tips for decluttering as a stay at home mom:
Schedule in blocks of time. Create the vision for your home. Lead your family down the path. Really take ownership of your role within your family dynamic to create the home environment AND make it your ideal workspace. Because you are doing work 🙂

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