Decluttering as a work from home mom

Decluttering as a work from home mom is currently what I do.

Decluttering when you work from home is getting the best and worst parts of working outside the home, and staying home.
To me, it's my favorite but it is definitely the most intense (for me) and the most rewarding.
It's having blurry lines between home and work.
Your family seeing you at home so assuming you are available.
Being home so feeling like you “should” be able to get more done.
And it's also a really beautiful opportunity to make money, work and be at home while you do it. But it's still hard. And overwhelming.
Shout out to the moms who work from home!

There are challenges specific to decluttering as a work from home mom.

Everything is thrown into a blender every day and it's all muddy on what the boundaries are and knowing what I realistically can ad can't do.
The strengths of decluttering as a stay at home mom, though are powerful.
You are doing the jobs of many people at once. There is likely a lot of flexibility with your work at home – TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE!
There are so many creative ways to get decluttering done throughout your day, and the majority of it will happen with time management and delegating to yourself and others.
Schedule your decluttering times. Have those small doable projects on hand for when you get a free moment. Schedule donation pick ups!
Listen into this episode for more support and tips for decluttering as a work from home mom.

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